Jacobs’ Piano Folio of Six-Eight Marches No. 4

Title: Jacobs’ Piano Folio of Six-Eight Marches No. 4

Author: Walter Jacobs, Inc.

Publisher: Boston: Walter Jacobs, Inc., 1923

Series: Modern movie music

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: Arthur C. Morse; Walter Rolfe; Edwin F. Kendall; Thos. S. Allen; George Hahn; George L. Cobb; Walte Rolfe

OCLC Number: 180750968

Contents: 1. Cross the rockies by Arthur C. Morse
2. Gay gallant by Walter Rolfe
3. Guest of honor by Edwin F. Kendall
4. The marconigram by Thos. S. Allen
5. Navy frolic by George Hahn
6. High brows by George L. Cobb
7. Sporty maid by Walter Rolfe

Notes: for piano

Source: Greg Breed


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