Sam Fox Moving Picture Music, Vol. 1

Title: Sam Fox Moving Picture Music, Vol. 1

Author: J. S. Zamecnik

Publisher: Cleveland: Sam Fox Pub. Co., 1914

Series: Sam Fox Moving Picture Music

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors:

OCLC Number: 761197680

Contents: Festival March–Indian Music–Oriental Veil Dance–Chinese Music–Oriental Music–Mexican or Spanish Music–Funeral March–Death Scene–Church Music–War Scene: Part I (In Military Camp, Part 2 (Off to the Battle), Part 3 (The Battle)–Cowboy Music;” Grotesque or Clown Music–Mysterioso-Burglar Music–Mysterioso-Burglar Music–Hurry Music (for struggles)–Hurry Music (for duels)– Hurry Music–Hurry Music (for mob or fire scenes)–Storm Scene–Sailor Music–Fairy Music–Plaintive Music–Plaintive Music

Notes: for piano

Source: Silent Cinema Presentations, Inc.


Download: PDF

Recording by Michael Brown: on YouTube

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