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Hawkes Photo-Play Series Piano Albums, Vol. 10

Title: Hawkes Photo-Play Series Piano Albums, Vol. 10

Author: Edouard Patou

Publisher: London: Hawkes and Son: 1925

Series: Hawkes Photo-Play Series

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: Edouard Patou

OCLC Number:

Contents: 1. The Ambush (for fights and struggles)
2. A Vain Hope (for mysterious agitation)
3. Desolation (for scenes of extreme unhappiness, brooding, and despair)
4. Flick and Flock (for crowds, bustle, and excitement)
5. The Sacrifice (for tragic scenes)
6. The Catastrophe (for denouements and heavy dramatic scenes)

Notes: for piano

Source: Greg Breed

SFSMA ID: c1kpKx1Jui

Download: PDF

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