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Film Folio No. 1

Title: Film Folio No 1.: Moods and Motives for the Movies

Author: George West

Publisher: Boston: Boston Music Company, 1920


Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: George West; F. B; W. C. E. Seeboeck; Ch. Huerter; E. Chvala; W. Berger; J. Martel; R. Friml; I. Kamoto; P. Szalit; I. Albeniz; H. Helm; R. Wagner; C. W. Cadman; L. Ornstein

OCLC Number:

Contents: 1. Pastorale/West–2. Tragic Conflict/West–3. Oriental/West–4. Galloping horses/West–5. Meditation/West–6. Ominous forebodings/West–7. Grotesque or exotic strain/West–8. Recitative/West–9. Recitative/West–10. Recitative/West–11. Neutral strain/West–12. Tense hurry/West–13. “Sweet sixteen”/West–14. Love scene/West–15. Misterioso/F. B.–16. Le Dauphin/W. C. E. Seeboeck–17. In the starlight/Ch. Huerter–18. Song without words/E. Chvala–19. Capriccetto/W. Berger–20. Angelica/J. Martel–21. Adieu/R. Friml–22. Koko-san/I. Kamoto–23. Intermezzo/P. Szalit–24. Tango/I. Albeniz–25. Where the cool moss grows/H. Helm–26. Under the great oak tree/H. Helm– 27. “Tannhauser” selections/R. Wagner–28. Melody in Gb/C. W. Cadman–29. Merry-making/L. Ornstein–30. Mummers March/J. Martel

Notes: for piano

Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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Lohengrin and Quintet from Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg

Title: Lohengrin (Prelude/Vorspiel) and Quintet from/Quintet aus Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg

Author: Richard Wagner

Publisher: New York: Carl Fischer, 1913

Series: Theatre Orchestra Edition No. 1651

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: Richard Wagner, Re-arranged from the original score by Chas. J. Roberts

OCLC Number: 946467233


Notes: for Viola, Cello, Piano (Conductor), Violin Solo and Obligato, Violin 2, Bass, Flute, Cornet 1, Cornet 2, Trombone, Timpani in E and A, Unattached ad for other Carl Fischer publications

Source: Chuck Berg Silent Film Music Collection

SFSMA ID: 4c6XlhuWT1

Download: PDF

This digitization was supported by a University of Kansas School of Music General Research Fund.

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Jacobs’ Piano Folio of Common-Time Marches, No. 1

Title: Jacobs’ Piano Folio of Common-Time Marches No. 1

Author: Walter Jacobs, Inc.

Publisher: Boston: Walter Jacobs, Inc., 1911

Series: Modern movie music

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: E. E. Bagley, P. Hans Flath, H. J. Crosby, Neil Moret, Joseph F. Wagner, Victor G. Boehnlein, George L. Cobb

OCLC Number: 222491317

Contents: National Emblem/Baglet–The Moose/Flath–Magnificent/Crosby–Dolores/Moret–League of Nations/Wagner–The Gartland/Boehnlein–Law and Order/Cobb

Notes: for piano

Source: Greg Breed


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