Berlin Screen Dramatics

Title: Berlin Screen Dramatics

Author: Berlin Screen Dramatics

Publisher: New York: Irving Berlin, 1927

Series: Berlin Screen Dramatics

Format: Sheet music

Document type: musical score

All authors/contributors: L. A. Kempinski, H. Maurice Jacquet, Maurice Baron

OCLC Number:

Contents: No. 10: Haunted Nights (Gruesome and Weird Scenes)/Jacquet–No. 16 Misery (Andante Doloroso-Appassionato)/Jacquet–No. 17 A Chinese Tragedy (Heavy Chinese Dramatic-Scenes of Disaster, etc.)/Baron–Lover’s Quarrel/Baron–The Third Degree/Kempinski

Notes: for piano, organ, or conductor

Source: Greg Breed

SFSMA ID: HuqzIamioS

Download: PDF

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