Berg’s Incidental Series, 1-70

Title: Berg’s Incidental Series, 1-70

Author: S. M. Berg

Publisher: New  York: Belwin, 1916

Series: Berg’s Incidental Series

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: Carl Kiefert, Walter C. Simon, Adolf Minot, J. Andino, Chas. K. Herbert, Gaston Borch, Irenee Berge,Valentina Crespi, William Buse, John Shepherd, Harold Smith, Lloyd del Castillo

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Contents: 1. Allegro agitato by Kiefert
2. Hurry by Simon Misterioso by Minot
3. Cavalry Parade by Andino
4. Stampede by Simon
5. Agitato by Kiefert
6. Galop by Minot
7. Allegro Agitato by Andino
8. Dramatic Tension by Andino
9. Andante Pathetique by Berge
10. Furioso by Kiefert
11. The Melody of the Bell by Herbert
12. Poppyland by Kiefert
13. Valse Caprise by Kiefert
14. March Bizarre by Simon
15. Andante Dramatic by Herbert
16. Battle Agitato by Minot
17. Indian Intermezzo by Herbert
18. Indian Love Song by Herbert
19. Indian War Dance by Herbert
20. Mexicana by Herbert
21. Hunting Scene by Borch
22. Misterioso Dramatico by Borch
23. Andante Pathetique by Borch
24. Joyous Allegro by Borch
25. Hurry by Minot
26. Storm Furioso by Minot
27. Pizzicato by Berge
28. Misterioso by Andino
29. Pizzicato Misterioso by Minot
30. Gruesome Misteroiso by Borch
31. Dramatic Andante by Berge
32. Hurry by Minot
33. Pastoral by Kiefert
34. Thoughts by Crespi
35. Dramatic Tension by Andino
36. Agitato by Andino
37. Dramatic Andante by Berge
38. Appassionato by Borch
39. Withered Flowers by Kiefert
40. Visions by Buse
41. Dramatic Agitato by Borch
42. Dramatic Tension by Borch
43. Purity by Borch
44. Sinfulness by Borch
45. Lamentoso by Borch
46. Appassionato by Berge
47. Battle Agitato by Shepherd
48. Memories by Crespi
49. Andante Doloroso by Borch
50. Wild and Woolly by Minot
51. Graciousness by Smith
52. Misterioso Dramatique by Borch
53. Agitato Appaccionato by Borch
54. A Dream by Borch
55. Andante Appassionato by del Castillo
56. Patrol Orientale by Kiefert
57. Love Song Orientale by Kiefert
58. Furioso by Shepherd
59. Misterioso Dramatico by Borch
60. Andante Dramatico by Borch
61. Dramatic Finale by Smith
62. Barcarole by Buse
63. Misterioso Agitato by Smith
64. Dramatic Tension by Shepherd
65. Lamentoso by Borch
66. Agitato by Minot
67. Andante Doloroso by Borch

Notes: for piano

Source: Greg Breed


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