Au Moulin (In der Mühle) РBabillage (Plauderei)

Au Moulin (In der Mühle) РBabillage (Plauderei)

Gillet, Ernest, 1856-1940

Tobani, Theo. M. (Theodore Moses), 1855-1933

Notated music

New York (N.Y.)

Carl Fischer


62 unnumbered pages

Slight amount of markings in pencil seen throughout. “The last place in the world” written on the top of page 4.

sheet music

drums (1 copy) ; 1st violin (5 copies) ; 2nd violin (3 copies) ; viola (2 copies) ; cello (2 copies) ; string bass (2 copies)

California Lutheran College File Number: 1898

Orchestration copy notes: 1 Copy

Envelope file number: 1898


American Music Research Center



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