Carl Fischer Film Themes

Title: Carl Fischer Film Themes

Author: Carl Fischer, Inc.

Publisher: New York: Carl Fischer, 1924

Series: Carl Fischer Film Themes

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: Charles Roberts; Piotyr Tschaikowsky; Gabriel-Marie; Guiseppe Verdi; Franz von Suppe; Thomas; Gennary Karganoff; Jean Louis Nicode; Grigory Lubmirsky; Alexander Glazounow; Christoph Cluck; Sergei Rachmaninoff; Leo Delibes; Mikhail Ippolitow-Iwanow; Ignacy Krzyzanowski; M. L. Lake; Antonin Dvorak; Johannes Brahms; Franz Drdla; Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov; Felix Mendelssohn; Karl Goldmark; Edward Kilenyi

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Contents: 1. Lamento-Intensely Dramatic by Tschaikowsky-Roberts
2. Emotional-Pleading-Love by Gabriel-Marie-Roberts
3. Emotional-Pleading-Pathetic by Verdi-Roberts
4. Grief-Lament-Pathetic by Suppe-Roberts
5. Aesop’s Fables-Animated Cartoons by Tschaikowsky-Roberts
6. Grief-Homesickness-Longing by Thomas-Roberts
7. Farewell-Lament-Pathetic by Roberts
8. Comical-Frolicking-Children by Karganoff-Roberts
9. Lament-Great Sorrow by Verdi-Roberts
10. Suffering of the innocent-Neglected Orphan Child in distress-or sick in bed by Verdi-Roberts
11. Dramatic Misterioso by Nicode-Roberts
12. Oriental Scene-Caravan-or Dance by Lubmirsky-Roberts
13. Russian-Arab-Dervish by Glazounow-Roberts
14. Lament-Anguish-Grief by Gluck-Roberts
15. Country Dance-Frolic-Jubilation by Gluck-Roberts
16. Oriental Scene-Song-Dance by Rachmaninoff-Roberts
17. Children’s Party-Animated Cartoons by Delibes-Robert
18. Oriental Scene-Dance by Ippolitow-Iwanow-Roberts
19. Oriental-Caravan-Procession by Ippolitow-Iwanow-Roberts
20. Love Melody-Plaintive Narrative by Krzyzanowski-Roberts
21. Agitato by Lake
22. Misterioso by Lake
23. Love Theme-Love Story-Serenade by Drdla-Wright
24. Plaintive Melody-Lullaby by Drdla-Wright
25. Love-Romance-Plaintice by Rimsky-Korsakov-Roberts
26. Plaintive Narrative-Mother Story-Lullaby by Brahms-Kretschmer
27. Processional-Festival-March-Jubilation by Mendelssohn-Roberts
28. Oriental Dancing Girls by Goldmark-Roberts
29. Dramatic Intermezzo by Goldmark-Roberts
30. Peasant Dance-Tarantelle by Massanet-Roberts
31. Intense Grief-Lament by Mendelssohn-Roberts
32. Childish Pranks-Planning Mischief by Delibes-Roberts
33. Grief-Lament-Pathetic by Dvorak-Roberts
34. Fairies-Children’s Frolic-Rippling Waters by Mendelssohn-Roberts
35. Child in distress-Intense suffering by Grief-Roberts
36. Memories of childhood-Mother Song by Dvorak-Roberts
37. Emotional Agitato by Kilenyi
38. Dramatic Dialogue and Argument by Kilenyi
39. Serio-Comic by Kilenyi
40. Agitated Conversation by Kilenyi
41. Under the Sea by Lake
42. Sweet Greetings by Lake
43. Agitato and Furioso by Lake
44. The Storm by Lake
45. Lamentoso-Sorrowful Narrative by Dvorak-Roberts
46. Dramatic Suspense-Agitated Sorrow by Glazounow-Roberts
47. Emotional-Pleading-Pathetic by Massanet-Roberts
48. Intensely Dramatic-Lament-Grief by Massanet-Roberts
49. Love-Romance-Sadness by Van Goens-Borch
50. General Hurry-Excitement-Chase by Kiesler-Robers
51. Oriental Scene-Plaintive-Pleading by Iljinsky-Roberts
52. Oriental Scene-Pleading-Narrative by Chaminade-Robert.

Notes: for piano

Source: Greg Breed


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