Melody Magazine Collection: Lyricists

Lyricist Index for The Tuneful Yankee and Melody

Allen, Thos. S.
“My Dusky Rose.” Feb19: 14.
“Somewhere Down in Southern California.” Mar20: 12.

Benson, Caver
“Let’s Have a Georgia Honeymoon.” Feb17: 22.

Branen, Jeff
“Ashes of My Heart, The.” Jan17: 23.

Brockman, Joe
“In the Days of Old Black Joe.” May17: 31.

Buckley, R. Bishop see Hildreth, R. E.

Callahan, J. Will
“All Aboard for Rock-a-Bye-Baby. Lullaby.” Aug17: 22.
“Picture that the Shamrock Brings to Me, The. Irish Ballad.” Jun17: 28.

Cobb, George L.
“There’ll Come a Night.” MA17: 17.
“Sunshine. Spread All the Sunshine You Can.” Oct18: 12.
“When You Made My Drams Come True.” Sep20: 12.

Collins, Treve Jr.
“Maori Love.” Jul18: 12.
“Where the Chapel Bells Are Chiming On the Bay of Old Biscay.” Aug18: 12.

Cooney, Joseph E.
“If You’ll Only Make My Dreams Come True.” May20: 12.

Crocker, Irving
“Down on Blue Bird Bay. Ballad.” Sep17: 13.
“Farewell, Forget-Me-Not.” Sep18: 12.
“I’ve Been Living in the Land of Sunshine (Since the Day I Saw You Smile).” Feb20: 12.
“Send Me A Line.” Oct17: 20.

Curley, Leo J.
“Dream, Sweetheart, Dream. Ballad.” Feb24: 12.

Dean, William F.
“Love I Bring to You, The.” May17: 17.

Densmore, John H.
“Arabella.” Apr20: 9.

Elliott, Eddie
“Boodiewah.” Aug19: 12.

Foster, Stephen see Hildreth, R. E.

Hawthorne, Alice see Hildreth, R. E.

Hildreth, R. E.
“Folk Songs of America” [“Old Folks at Home” (Foster); “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” (Lambert); “Aura Lee” (Unknown); “Old Oaken Bucket” (Woodworth); “Listen to the Mocking Bird” (Hawthorne); “The Quilting Party” (Unknown); “Wait for the Wagon” (Buckley); “My Old Kentucky Home” (Foster). Oct29: 29.

Howard, R. P.
“Let Me Tell You I Love You.” Dec19: 12.

Kepper, Charles
“Love’s Melody.” Nov28: 31.

Kerr, Harry D.
“There’ll Come A Lonely Day.” Jan20: 12.

Lamb, Arthur J.
“Old Cathedral Chimes, The.” Jan24: 12.

Lambert, Louis see Hildreth, R. E.

Landers, Ernest D.
“What More Can You Ask of Me?” Nov17: 22.

Landres, Sam
“Why Did You Go Away?” MA17: 24.

Leigh, Norman
“Morenita, La. Moment Tangoesque.” Aug26: 15.

Levenson, Robert
“Dancing at the Jazz Band Ball. Novelty Song.” Jul17: 22.
“In the Old Front Parlor.” Feb18: 16.
“Just Keep the Roses A-Blooming.” Oct17: 13.
“Little Later On, A.” Feb19: 12.
“Mississippi Volunteers. Fast Song.” Aug17: 17.
“My Little Pal.” Jun18: 12.
“Rose of Burgundy.” Apr19: 12.
“Somewhere in Erin. March ballad.” Jun17: 22.
“That’s What The Red, White And Blue Means.” Nov18: 12.
“Tokio.” Mar19: 12.
“When The Lilies Bloom in France Again.” May18: 12.

Lindwood, Roy
“Beautiful Girl of Somewhere.” Dec17: 13. (with Shaw, William)

Livernash, Will L.
“The Rose in My Garden of Dreams.” May17: 23.

Mahoney, Jack
“See Dixie First.” Jan17: 17.
“When You Dream of Old New Hampshire I Dream of Tennessee.” Feb17: 24.

Millspaugh , C. S. see Turner, Leo and C. S. Millspaugh

Morse, Albert
“Whenever You’re Lonesome (Won’t You Send for Me).” Mar21: 9.

Morrison, Albert H.
“When It’s Night-time ’Cross the Mason-Dixon Line.” Jul20: 12.

Neiberg, Aaron
“Four Roses.” Jun19: 12.
“My Beautiful Castle of Dreams.” May19: 12.
“Someday You’ll Want Me, Too.” Jul19: 12.

Neiberg, Jack and Aaron
“Mother’s Love and Kisses.” Sep19: 12.
“My Heart Is Still Calling for You.” Aug20: 12.
“Nights I spent in the Orient.” ON20: 12.
“Story in Your Eyes, The.” Jan21: 12.

Porter, Lew and Sam A. Perry
“Love’s First Kiss.” Apr28: 37.

Rourke, M.E.
“Three Little Words ‘I Love You.’” Mar24: 12.

Scherzinger, Victor L.
“Old Adobe, An.” Oct28: 31.

Shaw, William
“Beautiful Girl of Somewhere.” Dec17: 13. (with Lindwood, Roy)

Sherwood, Ray
“The Prayer of a Breaking Heart.” MA17: 28.

Stuart, Alvan C.
“The Road to Peaceful Valley (Is The Road To Home, Sweet Home).” Nov19: 12.

Staats, Phil
“When To-morrow Brings a Thought of Yesterday.” May17: 25.

Turner, Leo and C. S. Millspaugh
“Cuddle-Up Bay.” Jun20: 12.
“Kiss of Spring.” Jun30: 27.
“Some Day When Dreams Come True.” Apr30: 27.

Vernon, Bert
“You Used To Be a Pretty Baby, But Now You’re a Wonderful Girl.” Jan18: 13.

Volz, Phil
“Down at the County Fair.” Nov17: 13.
“When There’s Someone To Love Like You.” Apr18: 12.

Weidt, A. J.
“Queen City” March.” Apr29: 38.

Wells, James
“We’re All for Uncle Sam.” MA17: 26.

Wilton, Dean
“There’s A Lane That Leads to Loveland (O’er the Hills at Sunset Time).” Dec18: 12.

Woodworth, Samuel see Hildreth, R. E.

Wyman, Bob
“Columbia’s Call. March with Singing Chorus.” Jul17: 17.

Yellen, Jack
“Are You Lonesome?” Feb17: 17.
“Battle Song of Liberty, The. Marching Song.” Jun17: 17.
“In The Glow of the Alamo Moon.” Mar18: 12.
“There’s Someone You’ve Forgotten Who Has Not Forgotten You.” Jan17: 24.
“Waiting.” Dec17: 20.

Zirkel, Raymond
“My Prairie Rose. Waltz Ballad.” Sep17: 18.