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“Á Jeanette. Chanson d’Amour.” Piano. Aug21: 15.
“Ace of the Air. March.” Piano. May28: 31.
“Adelaïde (Love Theme).” Piano. Jan19: 16; ON23: 16.
“Æolus. March.” Piano. Aug28: 34.
“Afahe. Japanese Lullaby.” Piano. May28: 27.
“After-Glow. A Tone Picture.” Piano. Mar28: 34.
“Agitato Mysterioso.” Piano. Jun18: 19; ON24: 16.
“Agitato. For General Use.” Piano. Feb18: 23; May24: 19; Sep29: 36.
“Agitato. For Sudden Danger, Tumult, Struggle, Etc.” Piano. Dec17: 27; Aug23: 20; Jul29: 34.
“Agitato.” Piano. Oct18: 20.
“Ah Sin. Eccentric Two-Step Novelty.” Piano. Sep28: 34.
“Alhambra. One-Step.” Piano. Aug19: 14.
“All Aboard for Rock-a-Bye-Baby. Lullaby.” Piano, voice. Aug17: 22.
“All-of-a Twist. Rag (apologies to Dickens).” Piano. Feb20: 18.
“Alluring Tambourine, The. Spanish Dance.” Piano. Jun28: 27.
“Almond Eyes. Fox Trot.” Piano. Aug21: 9.
“A-M-E-R-I-C-A Means ‘I Love You, My Yankee Land.’” Arr. Edward R. Winn. Piano. Dec17: 28.
“American Ace, The. March.” Piano. Sep19: 9.
“American Bravery. March.” Piano. Aug26: 9.
“American Broadcast, The. March.” Piano. Mar24: 9.
“Amonestra. Fox Trot.” Piano. Jul20: 18.
“An African Smile. Characteristic March.” Piano. Jul24: 16.
“An Old Adobe.” Piano, voice. Oct28: 31.
“Anita. Spanish Serenade.” Piano. Sep24: 16; Mar28: 38.
“Antar. Intermezzo Oriental.” Piano. Sep22: 18.
“Antoinette. Intermezzo Moderne.” Piano. Sep28: 29.
“Any Old Town can be Heaven for You.” Piano. Feb17: 26.
“Appassionato Tragique.” Piano. Nov28: 35.
“Appassionato. For Emotional Love Scenes.” Piano. Jul18: 16.
“Arabella.” Piano, voice. Apr20: 9.
“Arbutus. Intermezzo.” Piano. Jun29: 31.
“Are You Lonesome?” Piano, voice. Feb17: 17.
“Army Frolic. March.” Piano. Jan22: 9; Mar28: 40.
“Around the Sundial. Capriccio.” Piano. Dec22: 16.
“Ashes of Dreams. Waltz Ballad.” Piano, voice. Jul17: 24; Oct22: 16.
“Ashes of My Heart, The.” Piano, voice. Jan17: 23.
“Ashtoreth. In the Sacred Groves of Ascalon.” Piano. Feb29: 25.
“Asia Minor. Fox Trot.” Piano. Jul21: 12; May30: 27.
“At Night.” Piano. Sep26: 16.
“At Nod. Galop.” Piano. Jan22: 16.
“At the Broadway Chicken Show.” Piano. Jul19: 20.
“At the Fountain.” Piano. Aug28: 27.
“At the Wedding. March.” Oct17: 18.
“At Thy Feet (Dramatic Tension).” Piano. Mar19: 16; Mar24: 16.
“Au Revoir, But Not Good Bye, Soldier Boy.” Piano. Jul18: 20.
“Autumn Color.” Piano. Mar27: 34.
“Autumn Moods. Capriccio.” Piano. Apr29: 25.
“Aviator, The. March and Two-Step.” Piano. Jun24: 16.

“Barcelona Beauties. Waltz.” Piano. Sep17: 21.
“Bashful Bumpkin. A Rube Dance.” Piano. Mar25: 15.
“Bathing Beauties. Novelette.” Piano. June27: 29.
“Battle Royal, The. March.” Piano. Aug25: 13.
“Battle Song of Liberty, The.” Piano, voice. Jun17: 17; Oct18: 18; May30: 35.
“Battling Line, The. March.” Piano. Feb26: 15.
“Bayou Legend. A Bit of Romantic Syncopation.” Piano. Aug28: 25.
“Beautiful Girl of Somewhere.” Piano, voice. Dec17: 13.
“Beautiful Visions. Reverie.” Piano. Dec19: 18.
“Bedouin, The. An Oriental Patrol.” Piano. Jan28: 46.
“Before the ‘Mike.’ Radio March.” Piano. Oct26: 11.
“Berceuse Russe.” Piano. Dec28: 29.
“Bermuda Blues. Fox Trot.” Piano. Aug19: 9.
“Big Ben. Descriptive. One-Step or Two-Step.” Piano. May29: 31.
“Big White Top. Galop.” Piano. Sep21: 18.
“Bit o’ Rag, A.” Piano. Sep19: 20.
“Blithesome Strains. Waltz.” Piano. Aug20: 14.
“Bloom of Youth. Caprice.” Piano. May27: 29.
“Blue Egypt.” Piano. Apr28: 33.
“Blue Streak. Galop.” Piano. May2611.
“Blue Sunshine. Waltz.” Piano. Nov17: 18; Feb30: 31.
“Bohunkus. Novelty One-Step.” Piano. Mar20: 9.
“Bone-Head Blues. Jazz Fox Trot.” Piano. Feb17: 19.
“Boodiewah.” Piano, voice. Aug19: 12; Oct19: 20.
“Brass Buttons. March and Two-Step.” Piano. Jan29: 34.
“Brass Buttons.” Piano. Nov29: 27.
“Braziliana. Morceau Characteristique.” Piano. Mar22: 12; Dec27: 40.
“Breakers, The. March.” Piano. Apr23: 15.
“Breakfast for Two. Entr’acte.” Piano. Jun22: 16.
“Breath o’ June. Waltz.” Piano. Dec17: 22.
“Breath of Spring. Characteristic Dance.” Piano. Jan27: 29.
“Briar and Heather. Novelette.” Piano. Feb22: 12; Jan30: 27.
“Broken China. Oriental Novelty.” Piano. Mar22: 9; Jan28: 38.
“Burglar Blues.” Piano. Jul22: 16.
“Butterflies. Morceau Mignon.” Piano. Apr18: 14; May28: 38.
“Butterfly, The. Morceau Characteristique.” Piano. Nov19: 14.
“By An Old Mill Stream.” Piano. May23: 16.

“Cabaret Capers.” Parisian March.” Piano. May24: 16.
“Calcutta. Oriental Fox Trot.” Piano. Nov18: 9.
“Campmeetin’ Echoes. Fox Trot.” Piano. Feb21: 18.
“Cannibal Chief. Fiji Dance.” Piano. Jun26: 13.
“Canoe Trails.” Piano. Jun28: 31.
“Capriccio in A Minor. (Furioso).” Piano. May19: 18.
“Capricious Oread. A Woodland Episode.” Piano. Aug26: 11.
“Caress, The, op. 6, no. 5.” Piano. Apr29: 30.
“Carita. Danse Sepana.” Piano. Apr25: 15.
“Carnival Revels.” Piano. Sep22: 15; Apr28: 44.
“Carroltonian, The. March.” Piano. Jun23: 9.
“Cartoon Capers.” Piano. Jul28: 29.
“Castilian Beauty. Spanish Serenade.” Piano. Mar21: 12; Apr28: 42; Jul30: 25.
“Cathedral Chimes. Reverie.” Piano. Jan28: 36.
“Chanson Argentine.” Piano. Dec25: 15.
“Chant d’Avril.” Piano. Mar26: 15.
“Chant Sans Paroles.” Piano. Sep22: 12; Apr28: 48.
“Charm.” Piano. Jan28: 25.
“Chase, The.” Piano. Mar27: 32.
“Chatter.” Piano. Jan27: 32.
“Cheops. Egyptian Intermezzo.” Piano. May17: 27; May28: 34.
“Cherie.” Piano. May269.
“Cherrytime. Gavotte.” Piano. Apr27: 29.
“Cherrytime. Gavotte.” Piano. Apr27: 29.
“Chimney Corner. Dance Grotesque.” Piano. Dec24: 9.
“Chinese March.” Piano. Sep28: 31.
“Chinese Red.” Piano. Dec29: 27.
“Chirpers, The. Morceau Characteristique.” Piano. May28: 36.
“Chow Mein. A Chinese Episode.” Piano. Oct19: 14; Jun28: 40.
“Chromatic Capers.” Piano. Jun25: 11.
“Circus Maximus. Galop.” Piano. Oct25: 11.
“Clock, The. Descriptive.” Piano. Dec28: 32.
“Cloister, The.” Piano, violin. May30: 38.
“Cloud-Chief. Two-Step Intermezzo.” Piano. Jun28: 36.
“Columbia’s Call. March with Singing Chorus.” Piano, voices. Jul17: 17.
“Combat.” Piano. Apr18: 19; Jul24: 19; Dec29: 38.
“Commander, The. March.” Piano. Jan19: 14
“Commander. March, The.” Piano. Jan19: 14
“Conchita. Spanish Dance.” Piano. Dec23: 9.
“Confidantes. Novelette.” Piano. Nov27: 25.
“Consolation No. 6.” Piano. Jul28: 34.
“Convention City. March.” Piano. Feb29: 34.
“Coquetry.” Piano. Jun26: 15.
“Cortege of the Cyclops.” Piano. Sep24: 9.
“Cracked Ice Rag.” Piano. Jul18: 9.
“Cross-Country. March.” Piano. Jan24: 16.
“’Cross the Rockies. March.” Piano. May23: 9.
“Crystal Currents.” Piano. Jan17: 26.
“Cubistic Rag.” Piano. Apr28: 39.
“Cuddle-Up Bay.” Piano, voice. Jun20: 12.
“Cuddle-Up Bay.” Piano, voice. Jun20: 12.
“Cupid Astray. Waltz.” Piano. Feb20: 9.
“Cupid Enters. Idyl d’Amour.” Piano. Sep21: 18; Mar30: 27.

“D-I-X-I-E R-O-S-E. (Dixie Rose).” Piano. Oct19: 12.
“Dainty Cupid. Valse Ballet.” Piano. Jul25: 13; Jul28: 36.
“Dance Mystique.” Piano. May27: 34.
“Dance of the Camel Drivers.” Piano. Mar30: 27.
“Dance of the Lunatics. An Idiotic Rave.” Piano. Feb28: 44.
“Dance of the Maniacs.” Piano. Dec27: 38.
“Dance of the Morning Glories. Characteristic.” Piano. Nov17: 15.
“Dance of the Parasols.” Piano. Jul27: 29.
“Dance of the Peacocks. Caprice.” Piano. Aug22: 16.
“Dance of the Pussy Willows.” Piano. Dec17: 18; Jul30: 29.
“Dance of the Satyrs.” Piano. May24: 9.
“Dance of the Skeletons. Descriptive.” Piano. Feb18: 18.
“Dance of the Teddy Bears.” Piano. Oct25: 13.
“Dance Primitive.” Piano. Aug27: 32.
“Danse Ancienne.” Piano. Dec27: 33.
“Danse Gracieuse.” Piano. Jun21: 12.
“Danse Grotesque.” Piano. Mar28: 27.
“Danse Moderne.” Piano. Sep21: 12; Jul28: 40.
“Darkey’s Dream, The. Characteristic Barn Dance.” Piano. Apr19: 14.
“Death and the Maiden (Plaintive).” Piano. Dec18: 18; Jul23: 16.
“Dementia Americana. A Super-Syncopated Suite. No. 1: Static and Code.” Piano. Jan25: 12.
“Dementia Americana. A Super-Syncopated Suite. No. 2: Hop House Blues.” Piano. Feb25: 9.
“Dementia Americana. A Super-Syncopated Suite. No. 3: Owl on the Organ.” Piano. Mar25: 9.
“Dementia Americana. A Super-Syncopated Suite. No. 4: Savannah Sunset.” Piano. Apr25: 9.
“Dialogue d’Amour, op. 25, no. 2.” Piano. Jul29: 27.
“Dispute.” Piano. Feb27: 32.
“Distant Shore, The.” Piano. Aug28: 29.
“Dixie Doin’s. One-Step.” Piano. Jul20: 9.
“Dixie Lullaby.” Piano. Jan19: 12.
“Dixie Rube, The.” Piano. May22: 19.
“Doll Days. Novelette.” Piano. Mar23: 12.
“Dolores. March.” Piano. Jul29: 29.
“Doloroso.” Piano. Sep18: 18.
“Down at the County Fair.” Piano, voice. Nov17: 13.
“Down Main Street. March.” Piano. May25: 15.
“Down on Blue Bird Bay. Ballad.” Piano, voice. Sep17: 13.
“Dramatic Andante.” Piano. Oct28: 27.
“Dramatic Appassionato.” Piano. Jul28: 27.
“Dramatic Mysterioso.” Piano. Oct18: 19.
“Dramatic Tension.” Piano. Aug18: 16.
“Dramatic Tension.” Piano. Dec27: 31.
“Dramatic Tension.” Piano. May18: 18; Jul24: 20; Oct28: 38; Feb30: 38.
“Dream Dance. Novelette.” Piano. Jul25: 15.
“Dream Faces. Reverie.” Piano. Jul28: 38.
“Dream Memories.” Piano. May18: 14.
“Dream of Spring. A. Morceau Characteristique.” Piano. Sep28: 36.
“Dream, A, op. 21.” Piano. Dec28: 27.
“Dream, Sweetheart, Dream. Ballad.” Piano, voice. Feb24: 12.
“Dreamily Dreaming. Waltz.” Piano. Nov19: 9.
“Drift and Dream. Romance.” Piano. Dec20: 9.
“Drift-Wood. Novelette.” Piano. Oct17: 26.
“Drifting Leaves. Morceau Sentimentale.” Piano. ON24: 12.
“Drifting Moonbeams. Valse.” Piano. May21: 14.
“Drowsy Afternoon, A. Idyl.” Piano. May27: 27.
“Drummer Girl.” Piano, violin. Apr30: 38.
“Dust ’Em Off. Rag.” Piano. Aug20: 18.

“East o’ Suez. Marche Orientale.” Piano. Jan19: 18.
“Eat ’Em Alive. Jazz Fox-Trot.” Piano. Oct19: 9.
“Ebbing Tide, The. Valse Lente.” Piano. Oct18: 14.
“El Dorado. Danse Tango.” Piano. May26: 15.
“Enchanted Grotto, The.” Piano. Feb27: 34.
“Enchanted Moments. Idyll d’Amour.” Piano. Mar19: 9; Aug28: 36.
“Enticement. Caprice Eccentric.” Piano. Oct27: 29.
“Erlking, The. (Furioso).” Piano. Dec18: 18; Jul23: 16.
“Eskimo Shivers. Fox Trot.” Piano. Feb21: 9.
“Eurasia. Fox Trot Intermezzo.” Piano. Nov21: 15.

“Falling Spray. Valse Caprice.” Piano. Sep24: 12.
“Fancies. Novelette.” Piano. Jul19: 9.
“Fancy Free. Rondo Joyeux.” Piano. Feb27: 29.
“Far Away Isles.” Piano, voice. Feb30: 27.
“Farewell, Forget-Me-Not.” Piano, voice. Sep18: 12.
“Faun, The. Dance.” Piano. Oct21: 9; Oct29: 27.
“Feeding the Kitty. Rag One-Step.” Piano. Nov19: 18; Mar30: 31.
“Fighting Yanks, The. March.” Piano. Dec25: 11; Nov27: 38.
“Fire-Fly And The Star, The. Scène de Ballet.” Piano. Nov18: 14.
“Fireside Fancies. Romance.” Piano. Feb26: 9.
“Fireside Thoughts. Reverie.” Piano. Apr20: 9.
“Fleur de Mon Coeur (Flower of My Heart). Episode Sentimentale.” Piano. Jul24: 12.
“Flickering Firelight. Shadow Dance.” Piano. Sep29: 27.
“Flimsy Flounces. Valse de Ballet.” Piano. Jan23: 12.
“Flirtation, The. Scene de Ballet.” Piano. Dec25: 9.
“Flirting Butterflies. Characteristic Morceau.” Piano. Jul29: 25.
“Flittering Moths. Danse Caprice.” Piano. Apr23: 9
“Flower of Night, The Waltz.” Piano. Jan18: 18.
“Flower of Youth. Waltz.” Piano. Aug26: 13.
“Flying High. March.” Piano. Dec26: 11.
“Folk Songs of America.” Piano, voice. Oct29: 29.
“For Her. Romance.” Piano. Feb19: 18; Feb24: 16.
“Four Little Cocoanuts. Schottische.” Piano. Sep23: 16.
“Four Roses.” Piano, voice. Jun19: 12.
“Frangipani. Chinese Fox-Trot.” Piano. Jul30: 27.
“From Flower to Flower. Butterfly Dance.” Piano. Aug25: 11.
“From Virginia Came Virginia. Ballad.” Piano. Aug17: 26.
“Fun in a Barber Shop. Novelty.” Piano. Jun22: 19.
“Furioso. For Combat, Battle, Etc.” Piano. Feb18: 22; Jan24: 20; Aug29: 34.

“Gang Way! Galop.” Piano. Feb26: 11.
“Gen. Mixup, U.S.A. Characteristic March.” Piano. Nov27: 27.
“Georgia Rainbow. Fox Trot.” Piano. Jan18: 15.
“Get-a-Way, The. March.” Piano. Jun20: 9.
“Ghost Walk, The. Eccentric Novelty.” Piano. Sep22: 9.
“Girl of the Orient. Persian Dance.” Piano. Jan29: 36.
“Glad Days. Novelette.” Piano. Mar20: 14.
“Gloriana. Overture.” Piano. Oct27: 27.
“Glorietta. Spansh Serenade.” Piano. May28: 29.
“Glowing Embers. Tone Poem.” Piano. Feb21: 12.
“Gob Ashore, The. Fox Trot.” Piano. Aug20: 9.
“Good Man Is Hard To Find, A.” Piano. Nov18: 18.
“Graceful Dance.” Piano. Oct26: 16.
“Grandfather’s Clock. Descriptive.” Piano. Jul17: 28.
“Grandioso Triomphale.” Piano. Nov18: 20.
“Gypsy Dance.” Piano. Feb29: 27.

“Haidée. Valse Orientale.” Piano. Jun28: 25.
“Hang-Over Blues. Jazz Fox-Trot.” Piano. Jun17: 30.
“Harvest Song (Agitato).” Piano. Apr19: 16; Apr24: 16.
“Haunted House, A.” Piano. Nov27: 33.
“Havana Nights. Cuban Dance.” Piano. Apr29: 27.
“Hawaiian Sunset. Waltz.” Piano. May19: 9.
“Heads Up. March.” Piano. Jul25: 9.
“Health and Wealth. Overture.” Piano. Apr26: 15.
“Hearts Adrift. Valse Hesitation.” Piano. Oct17: 22.
“Here They Come. March.” Piano. Jul24: 9.
“Here’s How. One-Step.” Piano. Apr18: 9.
“Hermit, The. Meditation.” Piano. Oct17: 15.
“Hero of the Game. March.” Piano. Jan27: 27.
“Heroes of the Air. March.” Piano. Nov22: 12.
“Hi! Hi! Galop.” Piano. Sep27: 29.
“High Brows, The. March.” Piano. Mar23: 9.
“High Stepper, A. Galop.” Piano. Mar22: 16.
“Hindoo Amber. Novelette.” Piano. Jan17: 20.
“Hippo Hop, The. Fox Trot.” Piano. Jan20: 17.
“Hop Loo. Chinese Novelty.” Piano. May22: 16.
“Hop-Scotch. Fox Trot.” Piano. Apr21: 9.
“Horse Marines, The. March and Two-Step.” Piano. Dec23: 17.
“Hunter’s Song (Marche Pomposo).” Piano. Apr19: 16; Apr24: 16.
“Hurry. For General Use.” Piano. Jun18: 18; Sep24: 20
“Hurry. For General Use.” Piano. Dec17: 26; Jun23: 20; May29: 34.
“Hurry. For General Use.” Piano. Mar18: 19; Jun24: 19; Sep29: 40.
“Hurry.” Piano. Aug18: 19.
“Hurry.” Piano. Nov18: 19.
“Hurry.” Piano. Sep18: 19.

“I am 100% American. Are You?” Arr. Edward R. Winn. Piano. Sep18: 20.
“I’m Hitting The Trail To Normandy (So Kiss Me Good-Bye).” Piano. Apr18: 20.
“I’ve Been Living in the Land of Sunshine (Since the Day I Saw You Smile).” Piano, voice. Feb20: 12.
“Iberian Serenade.” Piano. Aug23: 12.
“Idle Gossip.” Piano. Oct27: 34.
“Idle Hours. Waltz.” Piano. Dec24: 12; May30: 27.
“If You’ll Only Make My Dreams Come True.” Piano, voice. May20: 12.
“In a Shady Nook. Tête-a-Tête.” Piano. Sep20: 18.
“In a Smuggler’s Cave.” Piano. Jun28: 33.
“In a Sorcerer’s Chamber.” Piano. Mar28: 29.
“In a Woodland Vale.” Piano. Apr27: 27.
“In Bagdad. Morceau Oriental.” Piano. Mar18: 14.
“In Bugland. An Insect Episode.” Piano. Jul23: 18.
“In June Time. Waltz.” Piano. Apr22: 18.
“In the Bazaar. Morceau Orientale.” Piano. Nov17: 24; Jun30: 25.
“In the Days of Old Black Joe.” Piano, voice. May17: 31.
“In The Glow of the Alamo Moon.” Piano, voice. Mar18: 12.
“In the Old Front Parlor.” Piano, voice, Feb18: 16.
“In the Sheik’s Tent. Oriental Dance.” Piano. Jan21: 18.
“In the Spring.” Piano. Nov25: 9.
“Indian Pipe.” Piano. Nov26: 16.
“Indifference. Characteristic Morceau.” Piano. Oct22: 9.
“Innocent Pastime. Morceau.” Piano. Dec26: 9.
“Intermezzo Irlandais.” Piano. Sep17: 15.
“Intrigue.” Piano. June27: 31.
“Irish Confetti. Fox Trot.” Piano. Feb18: 13.
“Iron Trail, The. March.” Piano May30: 25.
“Irvina. Intermezzo.” Piano. May23: 19.
“Isle of Pines. Waltz.” Piano. Oct19: 17.

“Jacinta. Spanish Dance.” Piano. Nov25: 13.
“Japanese Lanterns.” Piano. Oct28: 29.
“Javanese Dance.” Piano. Jun24: 12.
“Javanola. Oriental Fox-Trot and One-Step.” Piano. Jun19: 9.
“Jazzin’ the Chimes.” Piano. Jan21: 9.
“Jeunesse. Valse de Ballet.” Piano. Nov29: 29.
“Jewels Rare. Valse Lento.” Piano. Apr21: 15.
“Jinrikisha. Scéne Japanese.” Piano. Aug27: 25.
“Jolly Companions. March and Two-Step.” Piano. ON23: 18.
“Joy-Boy.” Piano. MA17: 30.
“June Moon. Novelette.” Piano. Feb19: 9.
“Jungle Echoes. A Cocoanut Dance.” Piano. Aug23: 15.
“Junior High. March.” Piano. Dec27: 27.
“Just a Memory. Reverie.” Piano. Aug25: 9.
“Just A Smile.” Piano, voice. Jul21: 9.
“Just Keep the Roses A-Blooming.” Piano, voice. Oct17: 13.
“Just Two (À Deux).” Piano. Jan26: 11.

“K’r-Choo!!! Fox Trot.” Piano. Mar21: 18.
“Kikuyu. African Intermezzo.” Piano. Apr21: 12.
“Kiss of Spring.” Piano, voice. Aug17: 27; Jun30: 27.

“L’Amant Joyeux.” Piano. Sep23: 12.
“La Mantilla. Spanish Serenade.” Piano. Nov27: 29.
“La Morenita. Moment Tangoesque.” Piano, voice. Aug26: 15.
“La Paloma (The Dove). Spanish Serenade.” Piano. Dec27: 36.
“La Petite Danseuse. Valse Caprice.” Piano. Aug27: 29.
“La Sevillana. Entr’acte.” Piano. Jul18: 14.
“Ladder of Love. Waltz.” Piano. Jul17: 19.
“Lady Moon. Waltz Song.” Piano, voice, banjo (tabs). Jan28: 31.
“Laila. Arabian Dance.” Piano. Nov22: 9.
“Lament.” Piano. May27: 32.
“Land of Romance. Overture from an Operetta.” Piano. Oct28: 25.
“Laughter.” Piano. Jun25: 13.
“Laurestine.” Piano. Dec26: 16.
“Lazy Waters. Barcarolle.” Piano. June27: 25.
“League of Nations, The. March.” Piano. Jan19: 9.
“Lelawala. Indian Dance.” Piano. Nov26: 11.
“Les Bohemiens, op. 50. March.” Piano. Aug: 27.
“Let Me Dream.” Piano. Dec19: 20.
“Let Me Tell You I Love You.” Piano, voice. Dec19: 12.
“Let’s Have a Georgia Honeymoon.” Piano, voice. Feb17: 22.
“Let’s Keep The Glow In Old Glory.” Piano. Aug18: 20.
“Levee Land (One-Step).” Piano. Jan17: 30.
“Li Tsin. The Pearl of China’s Daughters. Pagoda Dance.” Piano. ON23: 12.
“Lime House Night, A.” Piano. Feb28: 29.
“Limited Express, The.” Piano. Dec26: 13.
“Line-Up, The. March.” Piano. Feb25: 15.
“Lion Tamer, The. Galop.” Piano. Oct26: 13.
“Lisette. Entr’acte.” Piano. Jan21: 14.
“Little Coquette. Morceau Characteristique.” Piano. Aug22: 19.
“Little Italy.” Piano. Feb25: 11.
“Little Later On, A.” Piano, voice. Feb19: 12.
“Lolita. Argentine Tango.” Piano. Sep26: 11.
“Louisiana Nights. Valse Creole.” Piano. Jun23: 12.
“Love and Laughter. Pizzicato.” Piano. Nov22: 15.
“Love I Bring to You, The.” Piano, voice. May17: 17.
“Love in a Toy Shop.” Piano. Sep25: 13.
“Love in Venice. Valse Lento.” Piano. ON24: 17.
“Love Lessons. Waltz.” Piano. May21: 18.
“Love Notes. Valse.” Piano. Sep19: 13; Aug28: 38.
“Love Theme.” Piano. Mar18: 18; May24: 20; Sep29: 38.
“Love Tyrant, The. Waltz.” Piano. Sep20: 14.
“Love-in-a-Mist, op.41. Gavotte Intermezzo.” Piano. Mar29: 29.
“Love’s First Kiss.” Piano, voice, banjo (tabs). Apr28: 37.
“Love’s First Kiss.” Piano, voice, banjo (tabs). Apr28: 37.
“Love’s Melody.” Piano, voice. Nov28: 31.
“Love’s Yearning.” Piano. Mar28: 35.
“Luanita. A Tahitian Dance.” Piano. May25: 13.
“Lullaby.” Piano, violin. Apr30: 35.
“Lure of Souls, The.” Piano. Jan28: 29.

“Ma Mie. Chanson d’Amour.” Piano. Aug19: 17.
“Madcap October. Novelette.” Piano. Oct25: 9.
“Magnificent. March.” Piano. May20: 9.
“Mandarin, The. Novelty One-Step.” Piano. Apr30: 25.
“Maori Love.” Piano, voice. Jul18: 12.
“March of the Walking Dolls.” Piano. Dec22: 9.
“Marche Carnavale.” Piano. Mar26: 9.
“Marche Pomposo.” Piano. May18: 19; Aug24: 20.
“Marche Pomposo.” Piano. May18: 19.
“Marionette’s Romance, A.” Piano. Feb23: 12.
“Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary. March.” Piano. Sep29: 25.
“Meditation. Valse Poetique.” Piano. May22: 12; Feb29: 40.
“Melodie d’Amour.” Piano. Nov26: 13.
“Melodie Mignonne.” Piano. Feb29: 29.
“Melodie Mignonne.” Piano. Mar28: 25.
“Melodies from Martha.” Piano. Jan30: 29.
“Melody in F. A Little Stunt for Left Hand Only.” Piano. Mar20: 20; Oct28: 36.
“Memoirs.” Piano. Sep19: 18.
“Memories of Home. Reverie.” Piano. Sep17: 26; Jun30: 35.
“Meteor Rag.” Piano. Dec20: 12.
“Midnight. Novelty Fox Trot.” Piano. Apr23: 12.
“Mignon’s Lament. Poem Intime.” Piano. Apr26: 9.
“Milady Dainty. Intermezzo Gavotte.” Piano. Dec19: 9.
“Mile-A-Minute. Galop.” Piano. Apr26: 11.
“Minuet Triste.” Piano. Aug27: 34.
“Miss Frivolity. March.” Piano. Feb29: 31.
“Miss Innocence. Novelette.” Piano. Aug21: 12.
“Miss Mardi Gras. March.” Piano. Nov25: 15.
“Mississippi Volunteers. Fast Song.” Piano, voice. Aug17: 17.
“Mists of Memory. Waltz.” Piano. Jun23: 16.
“Mobilization. March.” Piano. Jan26: 15.
“Modern Indian, The. Characteristic Novelty.” Piano. Jun22: 12.
“Mohikana: Indian Suite. No. 1: On the Trail.” Piano. Oct29: 25.
“Mohikana: Indian Suite. No. 2: At Night (and Lullaby).” Piano. Nov29: 25.
“Mohikana: Indian Suite. No. 3. Morning Song.” Piano. Dec29: 25.
“Mohikana: Indian Suite. No. 4. Young Braces.” Piano. Jan30: 25.
“Moment Gai.” Piano. Mar23: 16; Jan29: 38.
“Moment Gracieux.” Piano. Feb28: 27.
“Moments by the Brook. Idyl.” Piano. Aug22: 12.
“Moon Flower.” Piano. Jan27: 34.
“Moonbeams. Novelette.” Piano. Aug18: 9.
“Moonlight Wooing. Valse d’Amour.” Piano. MA17: 19; Jun18: 14.
“Morning Kisses. Waltz.” Piano. Feb23: 15.
“Mother’s Love and Kisses.” Piano, voice. Sep19: 12.
“Mountain Laurel. Waltz.” Piano. Sep25: 11.
“Musadora. Idyl d’Amour.” Piano. Nov29: 31.
“Music Box.” Piano, violin. Mar30: 34.
“My Beautiful Castle of Dreams.” Piano, voice. May19: 12.
“My Dusky Rose.” Piano, voice. Feb19: 14.
“My Heart Is Still Calling for You.” Piano, voice. Aug20: 12.
“My Lady Jazz. Fox Trot.” Piano. Jan26: 13.
“My Little Pal.” Piano, voice. Jun18: 12.
“My Prairie Rose. Waltz Ballad.” Piano, voice. Sep17: 18.
“My Senorita. A Moonlight Serenade.” Piano. Jun20: 18.
“Myriad Dancer, The. Valse Ballet.” Piano. Jul22: 19; Sep28: 38; Jul30: 31.
“Myrna.” Piano. Dec27: 25.

“Mysterioso. For Stealthy Action, Burglary, Etc.” Piano. Jan18: 23; Dec23: 20; Jul29: 40.
“Nakhla. Algerian Dance.” Piano. May22: 9.
“Nancy (You’re the Girl I Love). Ballad.” Piano. Jul17: 26.
“Nature’s Mirror. Valse Classique.” Piano. Jan22: 18.
“Nautical Toddle, The. Fox-Trot.” Piano. Dec17: 15.
“Naval Parade, The. March.” Piano. Nov25: 11.
“Navy Frolic. March.” Piano. Aug23: 9.
“NC-4, The. March.” Piano. Jul19: 14; May28: 40.
“Near Beer. How Dry I Am!” Piano. Jan20: 9.
“Neck and Neck. Galop.” Piano. Jun28: 29.
“Night of Love. Valse.” Piano. Jun21: 18.
“Nights I spent in the Orient.” Piano, voice. ON20: 12.
“Ninette. Valse Parisienne.” Piano. Jul25: 11.
“Nippon Beauties. Oriental Dance.” Piano. Jul22: 12.
“Northern Lights. Overture.” Piano. May19: 14.
“Nuit de Chine. Valse Langoureuse.” Piano. Dec29: 29.
“Nymphs of the Nile. Air de Ballet.” Piano. Apr19: 9.

“Oasis. A Desert Romance.” Piano. Jun19: 20.
“Odalisque. Valse Orientale.” Piano. Aug18: 14.
“Of Niles Sacred River (Triumphal).” Piano. Jun19: 18.
“Officers’ Night. Valse Militaire.” Piano. May25: 11.
“Old Cathedral Chimes, The.” Piano, voice. Jan24: 12.
“‘Old Ironsides.’ March.” Piano. Mar26: 13.
“Old Lavender.” Piano. Aug29: 31.
“Old Sewing Circle, The. Novelette.” Piano. ON23: 9
“Omeomi. One-Step or Trot.” Piano. Feb17: 30.
“On the Alert. March.” Piano. Oct25: 15.
“On the Bleachers. March.” Piano. Aug28: 31.
“On the Death of a Hero (Funeral March).” Piano. Jan19: 16; ON23: 16.
“On the Lake.” Piano, violin. Apr30: 38.
“On the Mill Dam. Galop.” Piano. Sep26: 13.
“On the Nile. Egyptian Serenade.” Piano. Sep27: 27.
“On the Rockin’ Rosa Lee.” Piano. Jan18: 24.
“On the Sky Line. A Tone Picture.” Piano. Jan20: 14.
“On the Square. March.” Piano. Aug17: 19.
“Onward Forever. March.” Piano. Sep23: 9.
“Opals. Waltz.” Piano. Dec18: 14.
“Our Class. March.” Piano, violin. Mar30: 40.
“Over Here.” Arr. Edward R. Winn. Piano. Jun18: 20.
“Over the Top. March.” Piano. Dec20: 15.
“Overture Miniature.” Piano. Dec25: 13.
“Overture. The Bridal Rose.” Piano. Sep29: 29.

“Pantomime Dance. A Musical Dainty.” Piano. Dec23: 13.
“Paquita. Canción Argentina.” Piano. Jan27: 25.
“Parade of the Puppets. Marche Comique.” Piano. Aug29: 29.
“Parisian Parade. One-Step.” Piano. Mar19: 18.
“Pasha’s Blues.” Piano. Oct22: 12.
“Pasha’s Lullaby. Descriptive.” Piano. Aug22: 9.
“Pasha’s Party. Dance Impromptu.” Piano. May23: 12.
“Pasha’s Pipe. A Turkish Dream.” Piano. Apr22: 9.
“Passing Caravan, The. A Desert Episode.” Piano. Oct27: 25.
“Pastorale Écossaise.” Piano. Jun19: 14.
“Pathétique.” Piano. Apr18: 18; Jun24: 20; Oct29: 38.
“Pearl-Feather. Indian Intermezzo.” Piano. Jan29: 29.
“Peasant Dance.” Piano. Nov27: 31.
“Peek In. Chinese One-Step.” Piano. Apr20: 18.
“Peeping Pansies. A Garden Episode.” Piano. Nov28: 25.
“Pensée Romantique.” Piano. Apr25: 11.
“Peter Gink. One-Step. Adapted from ‘Peer Gynt’ Suite 1. (Apologies to Grieg).” Piano. Sep18: 9.
“Piano Salad.” Piano. Jan23: 9.
“Picture that the Shamrock Brings to Me. Irish Ballad, The.” Piano, voice. Jun17: 28.
“Pioneer, The. March.” Piano. Jun21: 15.
“Pity, Kind Heaven (Plaintive).” Piano. Jun19: 18.
“Plaintive. Expressive of Wistful Sadness, Yearning, etc.” Piano. Jan18: 22; Sep23: 20; Jul29: 38.
“Playful Moments.” Piano. Apr27: 34.
“Plunger, The. Galop.” Piano. Dec21: 16.
“Polish Festival. Dance Joyous.” Piano. Apr22: 12.
“Portly Major, The. March.” Piano. Jan29: 31.
“Potato-Bug Parade. An Aroostook Episode.” Piano. Feb22: 9.
“Pour Yvonne. Valse Sentimentale.” Piano. Aug24: 12.
“Powder and Perfume. Fox Trot.” Piano. Aug17: 24.
“Power and Glory. Processional March.” Piano. Sep26: 9.
“Praetorian Guard, The. Triumphal March.” Piano. June27: 27.
“Prayer of a Breaking Heart, The.” Piano, voice. MA17: 28.
“Princess, The.” Piano, violin. Mar30: 36.
“Procrastination Rag.” Piano. Jul27: 27.
“Puddle Ducks. March Grotesque.” Piano. Apr24: 9.
“Puppets.” Piano. Jul27: 32.
“Purple Twilight. Novelette.” Piano. May20: 17.
“Put and Take. One-Step.” Piano. Dec21: 18.

“Queen City. March.” Piano. Dec24: 18. Solo tenor banjo, 1st tenor and plectrum banjos. Apr29: 38.

“Rain of Pearls. Valse.” Piano. May17: 19.
“Rainbows. Novelette.” Piano. Oct18: 9.
“Ramleyah. Egyptian Dance.” Piano. Feb28: 25.
“Relaxation. Valse.” Piano. Oct21: 12.
“Remembrance.” Piano. Feb26: 13.
“Revel of the Roses. Waltz.” Piano. Jun17: 24.
“Revolution.” Piano. Nov28: 29.
“Ride at Night, A (Hurry).” Piano. Mar19: 16; Mar24: 16.
“Ringmaster, The. Galop.” Piano. Mar19: 14.
“Riverdale. March.” Piano. Mar29: 31.
“Road to Peaceful Valley (Is The Road To Home, Sweet Home), The.” Piano, voice. Nov19: 12.
“Roman Procession.” Piano. Oct27: 32.
“Roman Revels. Tarantella.” Piano. Jan23: 16.
“Romance in Bisque, A.” Piano. Apr26: 13.
“Romany.” Piano. Apr27: 32.
“Romanze.” Piano. Mar29: 31.
“Rose in My Garden of Dreams, The.” Piano, voice. May17: 23.
“Rose of Burgundy.” Piano, voice. Apr19: 12.
“’Round the Ring. Galop.” Piano. Apr22: 16.
“Rustic Twilight. Reverie.” Piano. Mar21: 16; Mar30: 25.

“Sand Dance. Moonlight on the Suwanee.” Piano. Apr29: 31.
“Santa Claus (Mysterioso).” Piano. Feb19: 16; Feb24: 16.
“Sawdust and Spangles. Galop.” Piano. Oct21: 16.
“Say When! Fox Trot.” Piano. Mar18: 9.
“Scandinavian Dance. Springdans.” Piano. Jul19: 16.
“Scene Tragique.” Piano. Feb28: 35.
“Scènes Caranavales. Fantasie.” Piano. Nov26: 9.
“Scherzo in B Minor (Agitato).” Piano. May19: 18.
“Scintillating Sandals. Japanese Dance.” Piano. Jul28: 25.
“See Dixie First.” Piano, voice. Jan17: 17; Nov17: 28.
“Seen in the Embers.” Piano. De29: 31.
“Send Me A Line.” Piano, voice. Oct17: 20.
“Serenade Basque.” Piano. Jul26: 13.
“Serenade Migonne.” Piano. Apr24: 18.
“Serenade Romantique.” Piano. Jul27: 25; Nov27: 40.
“Shadowgraphs. Scènes des Silhouettes.” Piano. Feb30: 29.
“Shahrazad. Persian Dance.” Piano. Jul22: 9.
“Shattered Dreams. Reverie.” Piano. May26: 13.
“Sheila. Dance Novelty.” Piano. Jun29: 25.
“Shimmering Shadows.” Piano. Jun26: 11.
“‘Shivaree’ One-Step (Apologies to Mr. Schubert and Mr. Mozkowski).” Piano. Oct21: 18.
“Sighing Surf. Valse Classique.” Piano. Feb17: 28.
“Silv’ry Shadows. Waltz.” Piano. Dec20: 18.
“Silver Wings.” Piano. May29: 25.
“Sinister Event, A.” Piano. Apr28: 45.
“Slumber Boat. Barcarolle.” Piano. Jan25: 9.
“Slumber Song.” Piano. Jan24: 9.
“Snuggle Pup.” Piano. Mar29: 25.
“Soft Shoe Sid. Fox Trot.” Piano. Jul21: 15.
“Soliloquy, A.” Piano. Feb27: 27.
“Solitude.” Piano. May28: 25.
“Some Day When Dreams Come True.” Piano, voice. Apr30: 27.
“Some Shape. One-Step.” Piano. Jun17: 19.
“Someday You’ll Want Me, Too.” Piano, voice. Jul19: 12.
“Somewhere Down in Dixieland.” Piano. Jan20: 20.
“Somewhere Down in Southern California.” Piano, voice. Mar20: 12.
“Somewhere in Erin. March ballad.” Piano, voice. Jun17: 22.
“Somewhere In France is Daddy.” Piano. Mar18: 20.
“Sonata in A Minor (Agitato).” Piano. Dec18: 18; Jul23: 16.
“Sonata in D Minor (Hurry).” Piano. Feb19: 16; Feb24: 16.
“Sonata Pathètique (Agitato).” Piano. Jan19: 16; ON23: 16.
“Song (Doloroso).” Piano. Apr19: 16; Apr24: 16.
“Song Without Words, No. 27 (Funeral March).” Piano. May19: 18.
“Song Without Words, op. 74.” Piano. Feb30: 25.
“Songe d’Amour.” Piano. Jul25: 15.
“Sorcerer, The. Tango Argentine.” Piano. Dec27: 29.
“Sorrow.” Piano. Sep27: 34.
“Soul of the Nation. March.” Piano. Jun22: 9.
“Soul of the Violet. Romance.” Piano. Oct22: 18.
“Souvenir d’Amour.” Piano. Jun25: 9.
“Spanish Lace.” Piano. Jul26: 15.
“Spooks. Eccentric Novelty.” Piano. Feb24: 18.
“Spring Zephyrs. Novelette.” Piano. Jul20: 14.
“Square and Compass. March.” Piano. Aug21: 19.
“Stand By! March.” Piano. ON20: 18.
“Star of Love is Burning, The.” Piano, voice. Apr24: 12.
“Star-Dust. Novelette.” Piano. Sep18: 14.
“Starry Jack, The. March.” Piano. Apr20: 15.
“Stepping the Scale. One-Step.” Piano. Sep20: 9.
“Stop It! Fox Trot.” Piano. Dec19: 15.
“Storm Scene.” Piano. Jul18: 19.
“Story in Your Eyes, The.” Piano, voice. Jan21: 12.
“Stroll Through Cairo, A. Egyptian Patrol.” Piano. Jan26: 9.
“Summer Dream, A. Morceau Characteristic.” Piano. Jun29: 27.
“Summer Furs (A Syncopated Classic.) Scarf Dance—Chaminade.” Piano. Aug24: 9.
“Summer Sky. Idyl.” Piano. Aug27: 27.
“Sun-Tan. Novelty Dance.” Piano. Aug29: 25.
“Sunny Sicily. Overture.” Piano. May27: 25.
“Sunshine. Spread All the Sunshine You Can.” Piano, voice. Oct18: 12; Dec18: 20.
“Sur l’Eau. op. 28. Barcarolle.” Piano. Jul29: 31.
“Swing, The.” Piano, violin. Apr30: 35.
“Swinging with Cupid. Valse Ballet.” Piano. Dec22: 12.
“Syncoblue. Blues.” Piano. Jul28: 31.
“Synconia. Blues.” Piano. Feb28: 31.
“Syncopet. Blues.” Piano. Jul26: 11.
“Syncorient. Blues.” Piano. Jan28: 27.

“Ta-Dji-Da. Oriental Dance.” Piano. Feb20: 14.
“Tall Cedars, The. March.” Piano. Jun25: 15.
“Tallahassee Nights. A Creole Bacchanale.” Piano. Oct26: 9.
“Teetotum. March.” Piano. Sep25: 15
“Temple Dancer, The. Valse Orientale.” Piano. Jun20: 14.
“That Hindu Rag.” Piano. ON24: 9.
“That’s What The Red, White And Blue Means.” Piano, voice. Nov18: 12.
“The Fatal Question (agitato).” Piano. Jun19: 18.
“There’ll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town To-Night.” Piano. May18: 20.
“There’ll Come A Lonely Day.” Piano, voice. Jan20: 12.
“There’ll Come a Night.” Piano, voice. MA17: 17.
“There’s A Lane That Leads to Loveland (O’er the Hills at Sunset Time).” Piano, voice. Dec18: 12.
“There’s Someone You’ve Forgotten Who Has Not Forgotten You.” Piano, voice. Jan17: 24.
“Those Broncho Blues. Fox Trot.” Piano. Jun21: 9.
“Three Little Words ‘I Love You.’” Piano, voice, 8.Jan192.
“Tipster, The. Eccentric March.” Piano. Feb27: 25.
“Toddle Top Rag. Fox Trot.” Piano. Sep21: 9.
“Tokio.” Piano, voice. Mar19: 12.
“Toy Poodles. Novelty One-Step.” Piano. May18: 9.
“Toy Town Tales. No. 2: The Tin Soldiers.” Piano. Nov21: 11.
“Toy Town Tales. No. 3: Dance of The Dolls.” Piano. Dec21: 12.
“Toy Town Tales. No. 4: Jack In The Box.” Piano. Jan22: 12.
“Toy Town Tales. No. 5. The Wooden Horses.” Piano. Feb22: 16.
“Toy Town Tales. Suite. No. 1: Introduction.” Piano. Nov21: 9.
“Tragic Love Tryst, A.” Piano. Apr28: 35.
“Träumerei.” Piano. Apr29: 40.
“Treat ’Em Rough. One-Step.” Piano. Dec18: 9.
“Turkish Towel Rag. A Rub-Down.” Piano. Dec22: 19; Jun29: 29.
“Twilight Dream, A, op. 57. Romance.” Piano. May29: 27.
“Two Lovers, The. Novelette.” Piano. Apr23: 18.

“Umpah! Umpah! One-Step Oddity.” Piano. ON20: 9.
“Under the Spell. Waltz.” Piano. Jul23: 12.

“Valse Apache.” Piano. May24: 12.
“Valse Courante.” Piano. Feb23: 9.
“Venetian Beauty. Caprice.” Piano. Nov22: 18.
“Venetian Night, A. Romance.” Piano. Mar26: 11.
“Venetian Romance. Barcarole.” Piano. Apr21: 18.
“Vim and Vigor. March.” Piano. Jan25: 15.
“Virgin Islands. March.” Piano. Mar20: 17.
“Viscayan Belle, A. Serenade Filipino.” Piano. Mar23: 18.
“Vivacity.” Piano. Jan29: 27.
“Vixen, The. Galop.” Piano. Nov21: 19.

“Waiting.” Piano, voice. Dec17: 20.
“Wall Wop Wu. Chinese Novelty.” Piano. Jun24: 9.
“Waltz-Caprice.” Piano. Aug24: 16.
“Watchman’s Song (Gruesome Mysterioso).” Piano. Mar19: 16; Mar24: 16.
“Water Wagon Blues. Fox Trot.” Piano. Apr19: 18; Apr24: 16.
“We’ll Come Back.” Piano. Feb18: 24.
“We’re All for Uncle Sam.” Piano and voice. MA17: 26.
“What More Can You Ask of Me?” Piano, voice. Nov17: 22.
“What Next! Fox Trot.” Piano. Jun18: 9.
“When It’s Night-time ’Cross the Mason-Dixon Line.” Piano, voice. Jul20: 12.
“When Jazz Was Jazzed in Jungleland.” Piano. May21: 12.
“When The Lilies Bloom in France Again.” Piano, voice. May18: 12.
“When There’s Someone To Love Like You.” Piano, voice. Apr18: 12.
“When To-morrow Brings a Thought of Yesterday.” Piano, voice. May17: 25.
“When You Dream of Old New Hampshire I Dream of Tennessee.” Piano, voice. Feb17: 24.
“When You Made My Drams Come True.” Piano, voice. Sep20: 12.
“Whenever You’re Lonesome (Won’t You Send for Me).” Piano, voice. Mar21: 9.
“Where the Chapel Bells Are Chiming On the Bay of Old Biscay.” Piano, voice. Aug18: 12.
“Whirling Dervish, The. Danse Characteristique.” Piano. Feb23: 18.
“White Heather, The.” Piano. Aug19: 20.
“Whitecaps.” Piano. Jul27: 34.
“Why? (Plaintive).” Piano. Feb19: 16; Feb24: 16.
“Why Did You Go Away?” MA17: 24.
“Wild Horses. Galop.” Piano. Mar27: 29.
“Wild Oats. One-Step.” May21: 9.
“Winged Hours.” Piano. Feb24: 9.
“Winter Landscape.” Piano. Sep27: 32.
“Wistful Ways.” Piano. Mar27: 27.
“Witch and the Moon, The. Novelty Dance.” Piano. Jan29: 25.
“With the Wind. Galop.” Piano. Feb21: 16.
“Woodland Dance.” Piano. May25: 9.
“Woodland Fancies. Intermezzo Characteristic.” Piano. ON20: 14.
“Woodland Sprites. Novelette Caprice.” Piano. Mar25: 11.

“You Used To Be a Pretty Baby, But Now You’re a Wonderful Girl.” Piano, voice. Jan18: 13.
“You Win. Fox Trot.” Piano. May20: 14.
“Young Veterans. March.” Piano. Dec21: 9.
“Youth Triumphant. Overture.” Piano. Sep28: 25.

“Zamparite. Characteristic March.” Piano. Jan23: 19.
“Zora. An Oriental Sketch.” Piano. Mar29: 27.
“Zoraida. Danse Egyptienne.” Piano. Mar24: 18.
“Zulaikha. Egyptian Dance.” Piano. Mar22: 18.
“Zumrrud. Egyptian Dance.” Piano. Jul23: 9.