16 National Airs of America

16 National Airs of America

America (My Country ’tis of thee)|The Star Spangled Banner|Hail Columbia (The President’s March)|Maryland, My Maryland|The Red, White and Blue(Columbia the Gem of the Ocean)|Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!|Dixie|Yankee Doodle|Machine Through Georgia|Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! (Battle Hymn of the Republic)|Rally ‘Round the Flag (The Battle Cry of Freedom)|We Won’t go Home ’till Morning (He’s a Jolly Good Fellow)|Our Flag is There| Hail to The Chief|See, The Conquering Hero Comes|The Girl I left Behind Me

Carey, Henry|Fayles, L.|Shaw, D. F.| Root, George F.|Work, Henry C.|Handel G.|Key, Francis Scott

Ascher, Emil, 1859-1922

Notated music

New York (State)

Emil Ascher Inc.


142 unnumbered pages

Little to no handwritten markings present.

sheet music

1st flute (2 copies) ; 1st clarinet (1 copy) ; 2nd clarinet (1 copy) ; 1st cornet (1 copy) ; 2nd cornet (1 copy) ; 1st horn in F (1 copy) ; 2nd horn in F (1 copy) ; 1st trombone (1 copy) ; basses (1 copy) ; drums (1 copy) ; 1st violin (3 copies) ; 2nd violin (1 copy) ; viola (1 copy) ; cello (2 copies) ; string bass (1 copy) ; piano (1 copy)

California Lutheran College File Number: 81

Orchestration copy notes: 2 Copies

Envelope file number: [2363]



American Music Research Center




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