A Blonde for a Night

Title: A Blonde for a Night


Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1928


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

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  1. At screening: “When a Blonde Makes Up Her Mind” by Mills
  2. A lot of honeymoon: “Love Is Just a Little Bit of Heaven” by Baer
  3. Servant seen in hall: “A Game of Tag” by Trinkaus
  4. Jenks making beds: “Punch and Judy” by Herbert
  5. It’s my old pal: “Happy Moods” by Marquardt
  6. George Mason: “Freshie” by Greer
  7. Marcia sees Bob and George: “Keep It Dark” by Luders
  8. Hector—owner of: “Lace and Ruffles” by Schertzinger
  9. Back to George: “Moon Madness” by Lodge
  10. Hector’s headquarters for: SCAN TOO BLURRY
  11. Marcia on pedestal: “Lovely Lady” by Rupp
  12. Pedestal starts turning: Orchestra tacet
  13. Marcia runs from room: “Oh Mister” by Frey
  14. Insert—door knob: “wistful Longings” by Baron
  15. I’m sorry I made: “Lovey-Dovey” by Hellard
  16. Marcia throws clock out window: “Humoresque” by Tschaikovsky
  17. Goody, goody, goody: “The Jsters” by Carbonara
  18. Hector raps on door: Repeat No. 8 “Lace and Ruffles”
  19. Out of the frying pan: “Murmuring Breezes” by Cadlet? SCAN BLURRY
  20. George enters room: Repeat No. 6 “Freshie”
  21. Marcia and Hector fall: “Broken Buttercups” by Schuler SCAN BLURRY
  22. Hector’s fashion display: “Vision” by Breville
  23. Marcia seen: “Brunette or Blonde” by Waldteufel
  24. Marcia and Hector alone: “Serenata” by Moszkowsky
  25. Marcia comes to Bill and George: “Graceful Blondineete” by Borch
  26. Bob and Marcia alone in room: “Will ‘Ya’ Huh?” by Pinkard
  27. That girl has a: “Silly Billy” by Bendix
  28. At eight o’clock: “Flirting Lovers” by Kempinski
  29. Marcia open door: “Love Sparks” by Holzmann
  30. Jenks listening at door: “My Little Billiken” by Lotter
  31. Bob rejoins Marcia and George: “Flirty Flirts” by Levy
  32. Hector appears in hall: “Little Trifler” by Barnard
  33. O just had: Repeat No. 8 “Lace and Ruffles”
  34. George seated on couch: “Whims of Love” by Baron
  35. Won’t you help me: “You Don’t Like It—Not Much” by Miller
  36. George seen in hall: “Ouch” by Kaufman
  37. Back to Marcia and Bob: “The Kewpies’ Rendezvous” by Kempinski
  38. Hector enters room: “Reproach” by Zamecnik
  39. If he discovered: “Haste” by Sanders
  40. George enters room: “Al Fresco” by Herbert
  41. Hector crawls from under couch: “Here I am” by Henderson
  42. Insert—hand raps on door: “Rush Hours” by Sanders
  43. Marcia takes wig off: “Le Retour” by Bizet
  44. George embraces Marcia: Repeat No. 6 “Freshie”
  45. Bob sees Marcia and George: “It Must Be Love” by Archer
  46. George closes door: “Don’t Blame It All On Me” by Morse
  47. You’ve bought me a: “For My Sweetheart” by Donaldson

Notes: Cues transcribed by James Doering; handwritten notes

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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