Album of Waltzes, Volume 2

Album of Waltzes, Volume 2

Sympathy Waltz РValse Rose РThe Bohemian Girl РJolly Fellows (Waltz) РLove’s Dream РTender Memories Waltz РSweet Dream РLove’s Dreamland РMein Ideal РWoman’s Love and Life РLes Adieux РEspana Waltz РAs a Dream РHaunting Eyes Waltz РDreams of the South Waltz

Roth, Alfred (Charles Alfred), 1870-1947|Tobani, Theo. M. (Theodore Moses), 1855-1933

Notated music

New York (N.Y.)

Carl Fischer


667 unnumbered pages

“A collection of 45 of the most celebrated waltzes for orchestra in three volumes.” Little to none handwritten markings seen throughout.

sheet music

Small orchestra and piano: 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, 1st clarinet, 1 cornet, 2nd cornet, trombone, and piano ; Full orchestra and piano: 2nd clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horns and extra 1st violin in addition to above.

California Lutheran College File Number: 981

Orchestration copy notes: 1 Copy

Envelope file number: N/A


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