Beautiful but Dumb

Title: Beautiful but Dumb

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At screening: “Spring Zephyrs” by Castillo
  2. Janet in office: JANET THEME, “Forget Me Not” by Macbeth
  3. Tad in outer office: “Rustic Caprice” by St. Clair
  4. Mae, one of the inside girls: “How Could Red Riding Hood?” by Randolph
  5. Flash-back to Jim and customer: “Little Flower Garden” by Breil
  6. I never think of Janet: “Amorous Adventure” by Bradford
  7. Come to my apartment: “Daisy the Clairvoyant” by Schuler
  8. Dial of clock: Repeat Janet Theme No. 2
  9. The surprise party: “Dolly Dimples” by Alter
  10. Janet close-up after treatments: “I Think You’re Wonderful” by Little
  11. She starts to remove clothes: “Buffoons” by Hadley
  12. As I love old two-for-one: “The Big Batter and Egg Man” by Friend
  13. That was: “Could I?” by Ager
  14. Must you wear those cheaters?: “Garden Whispers” by Herkan
  15. Watch me, I’ll show you: “She Knows Her Onions” by Yellen
  16. Getting kissed is easier than I thought: “Air de Ballet” by Herbert
  17. You practice. I’ll dress: “Googily Goo” by Davis
  18. Friend enters: Repeat No. 12 “The Big Butter and Egg Man”
  19. Janet opens door: “It Had to Be You” by Jones
  20. I thought you were too busy: “Scherzoso” by Friml
  21. I’m taking them to: “Felix the Cat” by Wendling
  22. Exit of cabaret cat act: “Flocons de Neige” by Bradford
  23. Alley cat blues: “Maria” by Kaufman
  24. Dancing starts: “Starlight and Tulips” by Wendling
  25. Janet turns and recognizes Jim: Repeat No. 19 “It Had to Be You”
  26. Dancing starts once more: “When Twilight Comes” by Tandler
  27. They enter hallway: LOVE THEME, “Magic Love” by Bradford
  28. The morning after: “Avril Frileux” by Mouton
  29. Janet enters office: “Miss Dolly Dollars” by Herbert
  30. Change to scene on couch: Repeat Love Theme No. 27
  31. Jim embraces and kisses Janet: “Kiss Me Again” by Herbert
  32. Lights extinguished: “Sarabande Perpetuelle” by Bradford
  33. Jim at desk—Janet in bed: “At Dawn” by Delje
  34. New girl enters office: “Sweet Lavender” by Wheeler
  35. Janet and Mae: “Sincerely” by Byford
  36. Flash-back to Jim at desk: “Forgive Me” by Ager
  37. Janet before mirror: “The Baker’s Boy and the Chimney Sweep” from The Debutante by Herbert
  38. Janet reclines on divan: Repeat No. 31 “Kiss Me Again”
  39. Jim appears at door: “Broken Hearted” by Henderson
  40. Janet, I need you: Repeat Love Theme No. 27
  41. Office—girls enter: “Dainty Blossoms” by Kahn
  42. Janet enters: Repeat Janet Theme No. 2
  43. Jim reads from note book: Repeat Love Theme No. 27

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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