Brothers Under the Skin

Title: Brothers Under the Skin

Author: Max Winkler

Publisher: Goldwyn and Belwin, 1922


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Max Winkler

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  1. At Screening: THEME: Whims of Love (Melody Caprice) by Baron
  2. Newton Craddock: Budding Spring (Romance) by Platzman
  3. The Consolidate Plumber: Isoel (Allegretto Intermezzo) by Coventry
  4. Millie Had Occasional: THEME: Whims of Love (Melody Caprice) by Baron
  5. Wifely Conversation: Caprice Joyeaux (Moderato Melody) by Seeligso
  6. The Serpent in the: Scene De Ballet (Allegretto) by Sudessi
  7. Tom Kirtland Came Home With: Creepy (Skeleton Jazz) by Breau & Hoff
  8. Newton Didn’t Have: Continue pp.-ff during dancing scenes
  9. There Are Several Ways Of: Baby Dreams (Little Reverie) by Boyaner
  10. To Make Ends Meet: Love Among Flowers (Reverie) by Frommel
  11. Dorothy, Wait a Minute: Phantom Visions (Skeleton Dance) by Stevenson
  12. Nobody Has Ever Been Able: THEME: Whims of Love (Melody Caprice) by Baron
  13. Trade the Lamp For: Comedy Allegro by Berg
  14. Newton’s Last Act: Funeral March by Chopin

Note: Burlesque pp to action

  1. Idle Talk Sometimes Makes: Moon Shadows (Valse Serenade) by Walton
  2. Newton Would Have: THEME: Whims of Love (Melody Caprice) by Baron
  3. The Fag in Newton’s: Prohibition Episode by Aborn (drinking songs counter pointed with Chopin’s “Funeral March”)
  4. Close Up of Record: Home Sweet Home (Direct cue) (Note: To be produced on phonograph)
  1. Newton Stops Phonograph: Comedy Allegro by Haines
  2. I Didn’t Expect You So: Dramatic Conflict (Hurry Heroique) by Levy
  3. I’m the Guy With the: Eccentric Comedy Theme by Roberts
  4. Let Me Present My Friend: Itching Heels (Intermezzo) by Sarpy
  5. Send This Coat Back: Falling Rose Leaves (Reverie) by Sanders
  6. So You Came Back: Light Agitato by Noyes
  7. Newton Lighting Cigarette: THEME: Whims of Love (Melody Caprice) by Baron ff
  8. But the New Newton: Dramatic Agitato by Simon
  9. Success Comes to Him Who: THEME: Whims of Love (Melody Caprice) by Baron

Notes: Cues transcribed by Mariana Whitmer.

Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder


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