Carl Fischer’s loose leaf motion picture collection

Title: Carl Fischer’s loose leaf motion picture collection

Author: M. L. Lake and Lester Brockton

Publisher: New York: Carl Fischer, 1915

Series: Loose Leaf Motion Picture Collection

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: M. L. Lake, Lester Brockton

OCLC Number: 150686911

Contents: 1. Hurry (for general use)
2. Furioso (Storm Scenes, general confusion, tumult)
3. Hurry (battle scenes)
4. Hurry (Exciting scenes, disputes, riots)
5. Presto (Sword fights, duels)
6. Agitato (Sudden or impending danger)
7. Hurry (fire scenes)
8. Allegro vivace (Hunting scenes)
9. Allegro Moderato (Joyful scenes, dances)
10. Allegro (Pursuit, races)
11. Agitato (for general use)
12. Agitato (for general use)
13. Mysterioso (Stealth, murder, gruesome scenes)
14. Pizzicato (for general use)
15. Andante Mysterioso (for general use)
16. Agitato (Heavy-general confusion, tumult)
17. Maestoso (Heroic scenes, processionals)
18. Agitato (Heavy, for general use)
19. Andante Doloroso and Andante Pathetique
20. Agitato (Heavy, for general use)
21. Furioso (for gemeral use)
22. Hurry (for general use)
23. Hurry (for general use)
24. Hurry (for general use)
25. Hurry (for battle scenes)
26. Hurry (for fire scenes)
27. Hurry (for exciting scenes)
28. Presto (for general use)
29. Mysterioso (Stealth, gruesome scenes)
30. Essence Grotesque
31. Agitato (sudden or impending danger)
32. Love Theme
33. The Toe Dancer (scenes of joy and gladness)
34. Lamento (Scenes of grief and sadness)
35. Furioso (For general use)
36. Presto (intense excitement, chases, fire scenes)
37. Mysterioso (Stealth, Gruesome scenes)
38. Hurry (For battle scenes)
39. Agitato (for general use
40. Hurry (for general use)
41. Hurry (for general use)
42. Grotesque Elephantine
43. Hurry (for general use)
44. Agitato (for general use)
45. Agitato (Heavy, depicting confusion, tumult, chaos)
46. Motifs (Heroine or Hero)

Notes: for piano

Source: Greg Breed

SFSMA ID: pfvc1U3N5d

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Audio: “No. 22 Hurry  (General use)”; “Lamento (Scenes of grief and sadness)”

Audio recordings for this item were supported by the Society for American Music‘s 2016 Sight and Sound Award and are performed by Ethan Uslan.