Dressed to Kill

Title: Dressed to Kill

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At screening: “The Gentleman Burglar” by Jacquet
  2. Exposure seen: “It Looks Like a Big Night Tonight” by Van Alstyne
  3. Lowe steps into car: “Who’s Who?” by Morris
  4. Close-up of clock seen: “Affolement” by Ourdine
  5. Fade-in to sign—“Garage For Rent”: “Uneasiness” by Mendelssohn
  6. Lowe gets out of taxi: “Melancolie” by Bubeck
  7. Lowe and girl enter private club: “Is She My Girl Friend?” by Ager
  8. Is that new waiter safe: “Ondes Mysterieuses” by Franceschi
  9. Change of scene to orchestra: “Make Believe You’re Happy” by Woods
  10. Orchestra stops playing: “An Evening Melody” by St. Clair
  11. Close-up of professor and other crooks sitting down: “A Mysterious Fable” by Juon
  12. Orchestra seen again: “Dark Town Strutters’ Ball” by Brooks
  13. Change of scene to Lowe and girl: “When Love Comes Stealing” by Rapee
  14. Automobile drives up: “Agitated Misterioso” by Rapee
  15. Detective enters club: Repeat No. 1 “The Gentleman Burglar”
  16. Barry and girl leave club: “Evil Intentions” by Kempinski
  17. Orchestra seen: “Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs Off the Moon” by Lewis
  18. Waiter comes in to gang with four drinks: “Treacherous Knave” by Zamecnik
  19. Orchestra seen again: Repeat No. 17 “Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs Off the Moon”
  20. Taxi seen in backyard: “Misterioso Dramatique No. 54” by BOrch
  21. Change of scene to dancing: Repeat No. 17 “Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs Off the Moon”
  22. Change of scene to Barry and girl entering house: “Wings” by Zamecnik
  23. Just what will be my duties: “Shadows In the Night” by Borch
  24. Well, let’s call it a night: “Moonlight Memories” by Edwards
  25. Coffee being served to Lowe in the morning: “A Summer Morning” by Ewing
  26. Newspaper insert seen: “Cortege” by Rapee-Axt
  27. Fade-in to girl at dressing table: “Vanity” by Jackson
  28. Victrola seen: Repeat No. 13 “When Love Comes Stealing”
  29. Barry takes out gun: “Dramatic Tension” by Axt
  30. I’m leaving a little more protection: “Admiration” by Jackson
  31. Orchestra seen: “For My Baby” by Kahal
  32. Tacet: Stop music
  33. Segue: Repeat No. 13 “When Love Comes Stealing”
  34. I’m not so sure about this Moll: “Fuga” by Gabriel Marie
  35. Gentlemen, this is our: “Karma” by Herbert
  36. Count removes his hat: “Fleeting Shadows” by Weiss
  37. Fade-in to automobile on street: “A Busy Thoroughfare” by Baron
  38. How much is it: “Gruesome Suspense” by Beghon
  39. Girl faints: “Scherzo Serioso” by Lowitz
  40. Fade-in to gang: “Stalking the Prey” by Kempinski
  41. Change of scene to Barry’s apartment: “The Crisis” by Pasternack
  42. You mean everything: “Appassionato” by Borch
  43. So you’re a stool pigeon!: “Dramatic Finale” by Noyes
  44. If I’d know a girl: “Where Roses Bloom” by Edwards
  45. Barry leaves: “In Despair” by Berge
  46. Fade-in to double exposure of sweethearts: “Because I Love You” by Berlin
  47. Change of scene to gang: “Tensive Misterioso” by Berge
  48. Close-up of electric sign—“Night and Day Bank”: “Agitato a la Valse” by Savino
  49. Change of scene back to girl: “Tensive Misterioso” by Peele
  50. Gang throws girl on sofa: “The Accuser” by Kay
  51. Barry jumps out of automobile: “Uneasiness” by Borch
  52. Barry holds up gang: “Eccitamento” by Retlaw
  53. I’m giving them to her: “An Argument” by Breil
  54. Automobile seen: “Agitato Misterioso” by Delille
  55. I’ll get away: “Adieu” by Friml
  56. Girl gets into taxi: “Facing Death” by Becce
  57. Pistol shot: “Chant de la Mort” by Kempinski
  58. Change of scene to professor seen walking: “A Spooky Adventure” by Pasternack
  59. It only takes one dame: “I May Be Gone For a Long, Long Time”

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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