Belwin Folio of Tone Poems

Title: Belwin Folio of Tone Poems, Vol. 1

Creator: Belwin, Inc.

Publisher: New York: Belwin, Inc., 1917.

Series: Belwin Piano Pleasures

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: Sol P. Levy, Walter W. Smith, H. C. Frommel, Irenee Berge, Robert Casadesus, Patricia Collinge

OCLC Number: 42235980

Contents: 1. Bleeding Hearts by Levy
2. Love’s Golden Arrow by Smith
3. Chant D’Amour by Frommel
4. Chant Erotique by Berge
5. Barcarolle Amoureuse by Casadesus
6. Chanson Melancolique by Collinge

Notes: piano score

Source: Greg Breed

SFSMA ID: J4ug6kwEgb

Download: PDF