From the Highlands (Scotch Melodies)

From the Highlands (Scotch Melodies)

1. Come Under My Plaidie Р2. Blue Bonnets Р3. Speed Bonnie Boat Р4. Within a Mile of Edinboro’ Town Р5. Loch Lomond Р6. Charlie Is My Darling Р7. A Highland Lad Р8. Leezy Lindsey Р9. Duncan Gray Р10. Robin Adair Р11. Scots Wha Hae Wi’ Wallace Bled Р12. Turn Ye to Me Р13. There’s Nae Luck Aboot the Hoose Р14. Kelvin Grove Р15. Auld Robin Gray Р16. Comin’ Thro’ the Rye Р17. Annie Laurie Р18. The Campbells Are Comin’ Р19. The Hundred Pipers Р20. Auld Lang Syne

Langey, Otto, 1851-1922

Notated music

New York (N.Y.)

G. Schirmer, Inc.


297 unnumbered pages

No markings present throughout.

sheet music

1st flute (3 copies) ; 1st Bb clarinet (4 copies) ; 2nd Bb clarinet (1 copy) ; 1st oboe (2 copies) ; 1st bassoon (2 copies) ; 1st & 2nd Bb cornets (2 copies) ; 1st horn in F (2 copies) ; 2nd horn in F (2 copies) ; 1st trombone B. C. (3 copies) ; drums (3 copies) ; timpani (3 copies) ; 1st violin (3 copies) ; 1st violin in A (7 copies) ; 2nd violin (4 copies) ; viola (3 copies) ; cello (3 copies) ; string bass (3 copies) ; piano (4 copies) ; harmonium (2 copies)

California Lutheran College File Number: 2162

Orchestration copy notes: 3 Copies

Envelope file number: 2162


American Music Research Center



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