Gus Edwards’ Song Revue (Medley Overture)

Gus Edwards’ Song Revue (Medley Overture)

Light Up Your Face With a Smile РI Want Something New To Play With РItalian Romeo РI’ve Got To Go and Get Myself a Girl Ike You РOn a Beautiful Night With a Beautiful Girl РThat Frisco Bear РIn the Good Old Used To Be РI Want to Spoon by the Light of the Silvery Moon РFinale РOn a Beautiful Night

Edwards, Gus, 1879-1945

McCabe, James C.

Notated music

New York (N.Y.)

Jerome H. Remick & Co.


93 unnumbered pages

No handwritten markings present.

sheet music

3rd flute (2 copies) ; 1st Bb clarinet (1 copy) ; 2nd Bb clarinet (2 copies) ; 1st oboe (1 copy) ; 1st bassoon (1 copy) ; 1st & 2nd Bb cornets (1 copy) ; 1st horn in F (1 copy) ; 2nd horn in F (1 copy) ; 1st trombone B. C. (2 copies) ; drums (2 copies) ; 1st violin (3 copies) ; 2nd violin (3 copies) ; viola (2 copies) ; cello (2 copies) ; string bass (3 copies) ; piano (1 copy)

California Lutheran College File Number: 2810

Orchestration copy notes: 2 Copies

Envelope file number: 2810


American Music Research Center



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