Hound of Silver Creek

Title: Hound of Silver Creek

Author: M. Winkler

Publisher: Belwin Inc., 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: M. Winkler

OCLC Number:

THEME: “Just A Bunch of Daisies” (Mod.) by Baron.

In The event the above mentioned THEME is not in your Library or unknown to you, you may substitute:

“Where Love Dreams Come True” (Mod.) by DeVoll

“Fly Home To Your Nest” (Romance) by Breau


  1. At Screening: “Song of the Brook” by Baron
  2. Dog Running After Girl: “Euphonious Agitato” by Pintel
  3. Content With Gun: THEME
  4. Not Far From Brooks’ Place: “Tensive Misterioso” by Peele
  5. In The Days That Followed: “Valse Caprice” by Kiefert
  6. So You Tracked Me Down: “Trembling Agitato” by Kilenyi
  7. Youth Quickly Recovers: “Elves In The Moonlight” by Lindgreen
  8. The Little Mountain School: “Andante Tragico” by Levenson
  9. I’m Going To Keep An Eye: THEME
  10. In Due Course, The Story: “The Clown” by Peele
  11. It’s A Good Thing We’re Taking You Away: “Comedy Allegro” by Haines
  12. That Night: “Burlesque on ‘Lange’s Flower Song’” by Kempinski
  13. While Henley Feels The Phantom: “Sinister Theme” by Vely
  14. Each Morning Dynamite: Continue PP
  15. Lawton’s Papers! It’s Hanging For Me: “Dramatic Agitato” by Simon
  16. Jack Jumping On Horse: “Sinister Agitato” by Becce
  17. Dog Fighting Man: “Agitato No.49” by Shepherd
  18. Girl Opens Door: “Agitato No.37” by Andino
  19. Henley, I Have Evidence: THEME FF

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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