Humoresque Cue Sheet by Hazel Burnett

Cinema Organist Hazel Burnett’s cue sheet for Humoresque (1920), transcribed from handwritten notes.

Title: Humoresque

Author: Hazel Burnett

Publisher: handwritten, 1920


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Hazel Burnett

OCLC Number:

Contents: handwritten list, as follows:


1. Kol Nidri [sic]
2. Melodie—Huerter
3. Blue Ribbon-Caprice-Engelmann (watch effects)
4. In a Canoe- Zamecnik
5. June Rose -Cadman
6. Water Lillies-St Clair
7. Humoresque-Direct Cue
8. O sole mio
9. Funiculi-Funicula- Day in Venice
10. Legend of a Rose-Reynard
11. Kol Nidri –Direct cue
12. Humoresque—Direct cue
13. Hop-Reidel
14. Mood Pensive-Apple field
15. Good bye—Tasti [?]
16. Kol Nidri—very short—in temple
17. march-bright
18. Sonata—Pathetic—Beethoven
19. Melodie—Massenet
20. Spring Song-Mendelssohn
21. Hungarian Rhapsody
22. Humoresque


Source: Josephine Burnett Collection, Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin


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