Our Dancing Daughters

Title: Our Dancing Daughters

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “Introd. And THEME No.1” by Luz
  2. Feet & Slippers Show On Screen: “Feelin’ Good” by Ager
  3. End of Dancing Feet: “Serenade Galante” by Beghon
  4. After Girl Drinks From Boys’ Glasses: “Lt. Romantic THEME No.3” by Luz
  5. Mind You and Mother: “Sirene” by Viola
  6. Don’t Worry: “Untold Secrets” by Hauenschild (WHITE)
  7. Girl’s Legs On Screen: “Cupid’s Conquest” by Kahn
  8. Mother Opens Box: Repeat No.5 “Sirene”
  9. Girl Walks From Room: “Cabaret Capers” by Allen
  10. Orchestra Begins to Play: “She’s A Great Great Girl” by Woods
  11. That’s A Private Party: “The Varsity Drag” by Henderson
  12. End of Dance: “If You Don’t Believe Me” by Ager
  13. Play Once and Segue: “Last Night I Dreamed I Kissed You” by Lombardo
  14. Girls Form Ring On Floor: “Comedy Excitement” by Zamecnik
  15. I Must Go: “The Trysting Place” by Schertzinger (LT. GREEN)
  16. Fade-Out to Exterior: Repeat No.6 WHITE
  17. No Don’t Tell Me: “Carnival Frolics” by Lakay
  18. Stop Short As Boy Kisses Girl: Repeat No.15 LT. GREEN
  19. Girl Goes Upstairs: “Try Me” by Schertzinger (Chorus Only)
  20. Week-End: “Moment Gal” by Leien
  21. Would You Mind: Repeat No.15 LT. GREEN
  22. I Know It: Repeat No. 20 “Moment Gai”
  23. Ocean Beach Shows: Repeat No.15 LT. GREEN
  24. Fade-Out After Girl Leaves Boy On Cliff: “Constantinople” by Carlton
  25. Action Stops As Girls On Floor: “Doloris” by Viola
  26. Boy Looking At Necktie: Repeat No.24 “Constantinople”
  27. Fade-Out of Scene Showing Necktie in Boy’s Hand: “Frinstance” by Cohn
  28. Girl At Yacht Rail: “Babylon Suite Part 2”
  29. I’ll Get Ben: “Nettuno” by Viola DARK GREEN
  30. Diana Enters Her Bedroom: Repeat No.19 “Try Me”
  31. Mother and Daughter Show: Repeat No.29 DARK GREEN
  32. After Letter Written: Repeat No.6 WHITE
  33. I Must Hurry: “My Abode” by Schubert
  34. And I’ve Lost: Repeat No.4 Lt. Romantic Theme
  35. Letter on Screen: “Little Flower Garden” by Breil
  36. Your Daddy Brought Me: Repeat No.6 WHITE
  37. After Post Card On Screen: “Violetta” by Olman
  38. I Heard From Ann: “Smiles” by Somerville
  39. Here’s To The Husbands: “The Lure of Crimson” by Marquardt (RED)
  40. Norman, You Must Forgive: Repeat No.6 WHITE
  41. Two Girls Sit Down: Repeat No.4 Lt. Romantic Theme
  42. Fade After “You Can Thank God”: Repeat No.29 DARK GREEN
  43. Mother Leaves House: Repeat No.5 “Sirene”
  44. Stop Short As Door Opens: Repeat No.29 DARK GREEN
  45. Just Because Mother: “Melodic Appassionato No.1” by Marquardt
  46. Fade-Out Husband At Door: “Because My Baby Don’t Mean Maybe Now” by Donaldson
  47. After Girl Goes Upstairs: “Romance Sans Paroles” by Marquardt
  48. Girl Gets Out of Auto: “In the Evening” by Hanley
  49. Bon Voyage, Diana: Repeat No.19 “Try Me”
  50. Drunken Girl Appears In Door After Title “But I Thought There Was”: Repeat No.45 “Melodic Appass”

NOTE: Not too noisy at opening.

  1. Play Once and Segue: “Agitated Appassionato” by Frey
  2. Not Me, I Don’t Crave: Repeat No.39 (RED)
  3. Exterior Scene—Lovers Meet: Repeat No.19 “Try Me”
  4. Fade-Out As Auto Drives Up: Repeat No.39 (RED)
  5. Drunken-Girl At Head Of Stairs: “Scherzo Silhouette” by Marquardt
  6. Girl Rolls Upstairs: Repeat No.6 WHITE

NOTE: End with Drum Roll and Crash

NOTE:—The repetition of numbers in this cue sheet is simplified by the use of the “LUZ” SYMPHONIC COLOR GUIDE, sold by Music Buyers Corporation, 1520 Broadway, New York City. The color suggested for repetition of numbers designates the Mood or Emotion, and is used as a code for such repetitions.

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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