Phantom of the Opera

Title: Phantom of the Opera

Author: N/A

Publisher: Belwin Inc., 1925


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: N/A

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PHANTOM MYSTERY THEME: “Second Movement of Prelude To A Mystery Drama” by Baron

PHANTOM LOVE THEME: “Trio of Pastel Menuet” by Paradis

CHRISTINE LOVE THEME: “Because You Say Good-Bye (Dramatic Love Song)” by Levy

  2. Gaston Leroux, The Famous: Continue to action
  3. But Who Thinks Of Cellars: “Birds and Butterflies” by Levy
  4. Orchestra Conductor In View: “Faust Waltz” by Gounod
  5. Christine, My Love, When: CHRISTINE LOVE THEME
  6. At The Height of The Most: PHANTOM MYSTERY THEME
  7. In The Cellars Of: “Gruesome Mysterioso” by Borch
  8. Carlotta, Favorite Prima Donna: “Dramatic Recitative No.1” by Levy
  9. Come, I’ll Show You Where I Saw Him: Continue FF
  10. Meanwhile In Christine’s Dressing Room: “Elegie” by Baron
  11. I Shall Sing For You: “Majestic Mysterioso” by Kilenyi
  12. The Following Day In A: CHRISTINE LOVE THEME
  13. Carlotta Was Strangely Ill On: “Spinning Song” by Faust
  14. Who Occupies Box 5: PHANTOM MYSTERY THEME
  15. Moved As By Celestial: “Opening of ‘Faust Selection’” by Gounod (Hawkes Edition only.)
  16. Christine Fainting Back-Stage: “Dramatic Suspense” by Winkler
  17. Bearded Man Leaving Christine’s Room: PHANTOM MYSTERY THEME
  18. Another Discordant Note: “Sinister Theme” by Vely
  19. At The Office of M. Faure: “Dramatic Tension” by Levy
  20. The Following Evening: “Faust Jewel Song” by Gounod
  21. Flickering of Lights: Tacet, ad. Lib. (Tympani rolls only until.)
  22. Chandelier Crashing Down: Effect of tremendous crash
  23. People Rushing Out of Opera House: “Furioso” by Shepard
  24. Christine Enters Her Dressing Room: “Tragic Theme” by Vely

NOTE: Begin pp then to action.

  1. The Phantom’s Last Line: “Dramatic Reproach” by Berge

NOTE: Produce effects of peculiar sounding gong, three times.

  1. Because I Love You: “Notte Mysteriosa” by Becce
  2. You, You Are The Phantom: PHANTOM MYSTERY THEME
  3. Close-Up of Christine Sleeping In Bed: “Dramatic Agitato” by Hough

NOTE: Begin pp then to action.

  1. The Night Passed: CHRISTINE LOVE THEME
  2. Phantom At Organ: PHANTOM LOVE THEME (Organ solo, “Trio of Pastel Menuet” by Paradis.)
  3. Since First I Saw Your Face: Tacet
  4. Yet Listen, There Sounds: Repeat former organ solo one octave lower. Same as Cue No.29
  5. Christine Tears Off Mask: Tympani Roll FF followed by “PHANTOM MYSTERY THEME.”
  6. I Shall Prove To You: PHANTOM LOVE THEME

NOTE: To be played with orchestra.

  1. In The Midst Of His: CHRISTINE LOVE THEME
  2. One Night Each Year: “First Concert Waltz” by Durand
  3. Beneath Your Dancing Feet: PHANTOM MYSTERY THEME
  4. High Above Paris: CHRISTINE LOVE THEME

NOTE: Read notes heading cue sheet.

  1. He Is A Monster: Continue FF.
  2. She Has Betrayed Me: Continue to action
  3. Flash Back To Masque Ball: Repeat “First Concert Waltz” by Durand
  4. Interior of Police Prefect’s Office: “Mysterioso Dramatico” by Aborn
  5. The Ballet Girls Danced: “Faust Waltz” by Gounod
  6. Curtain Falling: CHRISTINE LOVE THEME
  7. Christine Leaving Room: “Creepy Creeps” by Borch
  8. Man Sees Hanging Body: “Mournful Agitato” by Hilse
  9. Flicker of Lights: “Faust Selection” by Gounod

NOTE: Use opening of Selection arranged by Myddleton. (Hawkes Edition.)

  1. Fear For His Brother: “Mysterioso Dramatico No.61” by Borch
  2. Flicker of Lights in Opera House: “Allegro Infernale” by Baron

NOTE: Play to action.

  1. I Am A Messenger: “Misterioso Agitato” by Smith
  2. I Am Human Like Other Men: Tacet, just produce effects of peculiar gong.

NOTE: Read notes heading Cue Sheet.

  1. Your Voice Sounds Near: PHANTOM MYSTERY THEME
  2. Phantom At Organ: PHANTOM LOVE THEME

NOTE: As organ solo.

  1. Phantom Stops Playing Organ: “Mysterioso Dramatique No.54” by Borch
  2. Phantom At Organ: PHANTOM MYSTERY THEME

NOTE: Read notes heading Cue Sheet.

  1. Torrents of Water Rushing Through Cellars: “Half Reel Furioso” by Levy

NOTE: Read notes heading Cue Sheet.

  1. Viroflay, The Scene Of The: CHRISTINE LOVE THEME

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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