PianOrgaN Film Books of Incidental Music, Vol. 1: Grotesque and Comedy Music

Title: PianOrgaN Film Books of Incidental Music, Vol. 1:  Grotesque and Comedy Music

Author: Belwin, Inc.

Publisher: New York: Belwin, 1925

Series: PianOrgaN film books of incidental music

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: Erno Rapee, Leo. A. Kempinski

OCLC Number: 761197680

Contents: 1. Three Grotesque Themes by Rapee
2. Verdi’s March from Aida by Kempinski
3. Verdi’s Miserere by Kempinski
4. Donizetti’s Sextet from Lucia by Kempenski
5. Bizet’s Toreador Song by Kempinski

Notes: for piano and organ

Source: Greg Breed


Download: PDF

Audio: “Three Grotesque Themes”/Rapee: A. “Razzing Theme;” B. “Jewish-Irish Comedy Theme;” C. “No Eats: Funeral March on Mess Call”

Audio recordings for this item were supported by the Society for American Music‘s 2016 Sight and Sound Award and are performed by Ethan Uslan.