PianOrgaN Film Books of Incidental Music, Vol. 1: Misteriosos

Title: PianOrgaN Film Books of Incidental Music, Vol. 1:  Misteriosos

Author: Belwin, Inc.

Publisher: New York: Belwin, 1925

Series: PianOrgaN film books of incidental music

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: Paul Vely, Gaston Borch, Adolf Minot, J. E. Andino, J. Santos

OCLC Number: 761197680

Contents: 1. Sinister Theme by Vely
2. Gruesome Misterioso (for Infernal or Witch Scenes) by Borch
3. Misterioso Dramatico (for Sudden or Impending Danger) by Borch
4. Pizzicato Misterioso (for Burglary and Stealth) by Minot
5. Misterioso (for general use) by Andino
6. Misterioso (for Burglary or Mystery) by Minot
7. The Conspirators by Santos

Notes: for piano and organ

Source: Silent Cinema Presentations, Inc.


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