Put ‘Em Up

Title: Put ‘Em Up

Author: M. Winkler

Publisher: Belwin Inc., 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: M. Winkler

OCLC Number:


THEME “Ludicia” (Intermezzo) by Caludi

In the event the above mentioned THEME is not in your Library or unknown to you, you may substitute.

“Love’s Enchantment” (Entr’Acte) by Brookes

“Mirabilis” (Int) by Smid

  1. At Screening: “Aeroplane Galop” by Winter
  2. The Old Stage Coach: “Anticipation of Danger” by Becce (Agitated)
  3. This Stage Is Running Through: “Radio Message” by Baron (Galop
  4. Why, Tommy Evans: Theme
  5. Jake Lannister: “Dramatic Recitative No.3” by Aborn
  6. There’s The Stage: “April Bloom” by Ansell (Entr’Acte)
  7. There’s Lannister’s Men: Theme
  8. Take Care of Evans: “Agitato In D Minor” by Boehnlein
  9. Some Benighted Bozo: “Allegro Con Moto” by Borch
  10. This Will Make Mr. Mullins: “Farcical Allegro” by Aborn
  11. It Would Make A Nice Present: Theme
  12. Roused By Tom’s Open Rebellion: “Dramatic Recitative No.2” by Aborn
  13. Ever Day At A Certain Time: Theme
  14. It’s Really None of Your Business: “Agitato No.37” by Andino
  15. Tom’s Horse, Something’s Gone Wrong: “Agitato No.69” by Minot
  16. Round Up Dad Turner: “Agitato No.6” by Kiefert
  17. Lanister’s Men: “Dramatic Climax” by Becce
  18. Anyone Wantin’ To Fight Lannister: “Mournful Agitato” by Hilse
  19. Helen, You’re Being Forced: “Furioso No.60” by Shepherd
  20. After The Fight: Theme FF

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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