Sally’s Shoulders

Title: Sally’s Shoulders

Author: Howard T. Wood

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Howard T. Wood

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  1. At Screening: THEME “Blue Eyed Sally” by Robinson
  2. Come In And Put On The Feed Bag: “Mirth and Merriment” by Delille
  3. Why Beau, You’ve Borrowed: “Romance sans Paroles” by Louie
  4. Sally Had Still Another Burden: “Fairyland” by Herter
  5. Willie Jerome, You Never Help Sally: “Serenade” by Harris
  6. I’ve Told You Before This Is A Place: “Appassionato No.4” by Axt
  7. Sally, You Coop Yourself Up Too Much: Repeat Theme No.1
  8. Hugh and Millie Leave: “Just A Bunch of Daisies” by Baron
  9. Change of Scene—“Nite Owl” Roadhouse: “Misterioso alla Valse” by Savino
  10. Change of Scene to Sally: “Silver Lamps” by Lotter
  11. Change of Scene to Dancing: “That’s My Weakness Now” by Green
  12. Dancing Stops: “Fleeting Shadows” by Weiss
  13. After Title “ANY TIME YOU WANT A JOB”: “Andante Appassionato No.57” by Castillo
  14. Change of Scene To Sally’s House: Repeat Theme No.1
  15. Change To Hugh And Millie In Car: “Spinning Along” by Bierman
  16. Kiss The Bride Sis: “The Giggling Girl” by Delille
  17. Change To Millie and Hugh: “Fuga” by Gabriel Marie
  18. Hugh Arrives At House With Millie: “True Love” by Ketelbey
  19. Well, I Guess It Was Worth A Few: Repeat Theme No.1
  20. Next Day At Prohibition: “Dram. Tension No.9” by Andino
  21. Close-Up of Flowers—Card: “Sylvia” by Speaks
  22. Change To Men Moving Cases: “In The Dark” by Bierman
  23. Brother (Beau) Enters House: “Gallantry” by Ketelbey
  24. Prohibition Officers Arrive: “Recitative Heroique” by Rapee
  25. Even Sally’s Brave Shoulders Began: “Homeland” by Huerter
  26. I’m Mr. Cormack The Cashier: “Premonition” by Zamecnik
  27. Bank Cashier Leaves: “Evening Song” by Lind
  28. Change To Sally and Davidson: “Second Misteroso a la Valse” by Savino
  29. I Hope I’ve Convinced You: “Karma” by Herbert
  30. Dancing Seen: “Last Night I Dreamed You Kissed Me” by Lombardo
  31. Dancing Stops: “Love’s Lament” by Piquet
  32. Brother (Beau) Enters: “Dram. Andante No.1” by Rapee-Axt
  33. Nix On The Family Re-Union: “Sorry For Me” by Henderson
  34. Change To Hugh and Aunt Emily: Repeat Theme No.1
  35. Change To Prohibition Officers: “Scherzo Misterioso” by Drigo’s Cinema Classics
  36. Dancing Is Seen: “If You Don’t Love Me” by Ager
  37. This Is No Place For You: “Dram. Andante No.24” by Borch
  38. Prohibition Officers Arrive: “Disaster” by Savino
  39. Officers Break In Door: “Appassionato” by Borch
  40. Wait—I’ll Tell You Why Sally: “Love’s Awakening” by Ketelbey
  41. After Title “BEAU’S TELLING THE TRUTH”: Repeat Theme No.1

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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