Seeking sheet music

SFSMA generally tries to post complete books and collections. This means that that until we have all of the pieces in a particular volume, we will refrain from posting it until we have all of the pieces originally included in the publication. We currently have a number of incomplete collections and would love your help in making them complete so that we can post them in their original publication groupings. Here’s what we’re looking for in particular:

  • Any materials in the Ascher’s series
  • The Belwin Cinema Incidentals and Incidental Symphonies series
  • Music from the Bosworth Cinema Incidentals and Film Play Book collections
  • Capitol Photoplay publications
  • Sam Fox Photoplay Editions, vols. 2 and 4
  • Schirmer’s Special series

All other music for silent film is always welcome, and we will happily credit any contributors of music or scans of music. If you’d like to share your collection, please email us at Thanks for your help!