Smilin’ Guns

Title: Smilin’ Guns

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1929


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: “La Coquette” by Onivas
  2. Jack Riding Forward On Horse: “Zip” by Frey
  3. Some Day That Train: JACK THEME “Chianti” by Friml
  4. The California Limited: “Le Retour” by Bizet
  5. Durkin Fires At Dog: “Excitement” by Breil
  6. Insert—“BEAUTY DEMANDS CULTURE”: “The Giggling Girl” by Delille
  7. Jack Recognizes Helen: LOVE THEME “Valse Passionnee” by Savino
  8. Train Starts To Move: “Sarabande Perpetuelle” by Bradford
  9. Wounded Dog Seen: “Around The Sundial” by Castillo
  10. Office Door Of Beauty Specialist: “Dance of The Shadows” by Adams
  11. They Enter Barber Shop: “Caprice” by Somerville
  12. Among The Van Smyth’s Ranch Guests: “Elves In The Moonlight” by Lindgreen
  13. Cowboy Hurries Up: “Animal Cartoonix No.2” by Aborn
  14. The Shocking Manners Of: “Pizzicato No.28” by Berge
  15. The Old Dame Told Me: Repeat No.13 “Animal Cartoonix No.2”
  16. Clothes May Make The Man: Repeat Jack Theme No.3
  17. Jack Greeted By Guests: “Sweet Lavender” by Wheeler
  18. I Will Arrange To Have You Meet: “Uneasiness” by Mendelssohn
  19. Flash To Cowboys: “Rural Flirts” by Bradford
  20. You’ll Now Have The Pleasure: “Nola” by Arndt
  21. Purvin’s Lectures: “I’m Falling In Love” by Herbert
  22. I Think You’ve Made A Marvelous Change: Repeat Love Theme No.7
  23. Baretti Walks Up: “Cupid’s Surprise” by Gross
  24. Durkin Appears On Horse—Jack Follows Him: “Allegro Precipitoso” by Savino
  25. Jack Dismounts: “A Spooky Adventure” by Pasternack
  26. Pursuit Starts Again: “Poursuite Dramatique” by Drigo’s Cinema Classics
  27. Outlaws’ Camp: “Conspiracy” by Zamecnik
  28. Believing He Had: “The Spectre” by Engleman
  29. Once A Popular Song Writer: “Muddy Water” by De Rose
  30. Boys Start To Sneak Away: “Flocons de Neige” by Bradford
  31. That Night: Repeat No.27 “Conspiracy”
  32. Outlaws Ride Forward: “Galloping Furies” by Rapee
  33. Durkin and Pals At House: “Enigma” by Borch
  34. Listen Boys: “Athalia” by Mendelssohn
  35. Jack Released—Fires Revolver: “Ruy Blas” by Mendelssohn
  36. Hold Them Here: “Gigue” by Bradford
  37. Jack Mounts and Rides After Durkin: “Furieuse Poursuite” by Gabriel Marie
  38. Helen and Jack On Horse: Repeat Love Theme No.7

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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