Soft Cushions

Title: Soft Cushions

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: “The Bayaderes from ‘India’” by Popy
  2. One Thousand and One Years Ago: THIEVES THEME “Misterioso Burlesque” by Savino
  3. Aslan Grabs Merchant’s Purse: “Intermezzo Perpetual” by Lowitz
  4. Aslan Hides In Shawl—Carried Away: “The Jesters” by Carbonara
  5. The House of Old Toofeek: “Egyptian Echoes” by Black
  6. In Front Of The House Stood: Repeat Thieves Theme No.2
  7. Thieves Start Cricket Race: “Elopement” by Carrozzini
  8. Aslan Drapes Robe About Himself: ASLAN THEME “Kismet” by Henlere
  9. He Sees Joy-El In Window: “You’re Lovely” by Pinkard
  10. Aslan Knocks On Door: Repeat Aslan Theme No.8
  11. I Came To Call: “Baby Mine” by Rupp
  12. Exterior—Procession Passes: “L’Odalisque” by Kretschmer
  13. She Was To Be The Wife Of A Vagabond: Repeat Aslan Theme No.8
  14. Two Thieves At Door: “Carnival Grotesque” by Savino
  15. A Smart Man Always Has One Trick: “March Burlesque” by Gillet
  16. Can’st Thou Laugh That Off: “Quick, Let Us Hide Us” by De Taeye
  17. Ready Was The Bride: “In The Courtyard Of The Palms” by Trinkaus
  18. Flash-Back To Two Thieves: “Animal Cartoonix No.2” by Aborn
  19. I Am A Dust Man: “Zallah” by Loraine
  20. Those Two Cut Throats: “Perpetuum Mobile” by Rapee
  21. And No Sooner: LOVE THEME “I’ll Sing Thee Songs of Araby” by Clay
  22. In The Court Of: “Hindoo Priests” by Bendix
  23. Who Threatened To Pull The Beard: “Oriental Dram. Adagio” by Berge
  24. It Was Only A Jest: “She’s Got ‘It’” by Davis
  25. It Is Simple: “Dance of the Gnomes” by Ilynsky
  26. The Only Things: “Playful Rondo” by Greene
  27. Tie My Hands Behind Me: Repeat Aslan Theme No.8
  28. Aslan Outside Jail: “Second Misterioso a la Valse” by Savino
  29. Joy-El Recognizes Aslan: Repeat Love Theme No.21
  30. Thieves Notify Guards: Repeat Thieves Theme No.2
  31. In The Court Of: “Film Theme No.12” by Lubomirsky-Roberts
  32. As For This Guilty Wretch: “Prelude from First Suite of ‘Carmen’” by Bizet
  33. Stop, I Wish To Confess: Repeat Aslan Theme No.8
  34. Take Him To My Treasure Chamber: “The Padishah” by Lorraine
  35. Wazir and Aslan Alone In Treasure Chamber: “The Plotting Foe” by Kilenyi
  36. Aslan Attacks and Overpowers Wazir: “Elegie and Appassionato” by Savino
  37. Joy-El Turns and Sees Lover: Repeat Love Theme No.21
  38. Oh Mighty Wazir: “Oriental March” by Bendix
  39. Here Is The Poisoned Dagger: “Marche Mysterieuse” by Schad
  40. Does She Dance?: “Danse Arabe” by Tschaikowsky
  41. Music: “Crazy Words—Crazy Tunes” by Ager
  42. I Shall Permit The Wazir: “Oriental March” by Bruhns
  43. Aslan Pulls Sultan’s Beard: “Poursuite Comique” by Godard
  44. How Dare You: “The Destruction of Atlantis” by Safranek
  45. Name Your Reward: Repeat Aslan Theme No.8
  46. Sultan Starts To Laugh: “Arabian Romance” by Polla
  47. Joy-El In Window: Repeat Love Theme No.21

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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