Drdla, Franz, 1868-1944

Dumont, Adolphe

Notated music

New York (N.Y.)

Carl Fischer


34 unnumbered pages

No handwritten markings present. Page 5 has a header that reads “Standard duos for violin and piano in the third and fourth grades. Century Editions most popular morceau de salon – suitable for study and concert” and contains scores for other compositions such as “Flowers and Ferns,” “Up in a Swing,” “Star of Hope,” “Love and Flowers,” and “Crimson Blushes.”

sheet music

1st flute (1 copy) ; 1st Bb clarinet (1 copy) ; 1st oboe (1 copy) ; 1st Bb cornet (2 copies) ; 1st horn in F (1 copy) ; 2nd horn in F (1 copy) ; 1st trombone B. C. (2 copies) ; timpani (2 copies) ; 1st violin (2 copies) ; 2nd violin (2 copies) ; viola (2 copies) ; cello (2 copies) ; string bass (2 copies) ; organ (3 copies) ; violin solo (1 copy)

California Lutheran College File Number: 851

Orchestration copy notes: 2 Copies, no piano

Envelope file number: 851


American Music Research Center



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