Square Crooks

Title: Square Crooks

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At Screening: “Jimmy Valentine” by Edwards
  2. The City: “A Summer Morning” by Ewing
  3. Close-Up of Pots and Pans Falling: “Cute and Cunnin’” by Kempinski
  4. Husband Lying Under Car: “Pastime” by Clutsam
  5. Jane: “For My Baby” by Snyder
  6. Hey, Eddie, Got Any Keys?: Repeat No.1 “Jimmy Valentine”
  7. “Bulldog” Badger: DETECTIVE THEME “Creepy” by Breau
  8. Eddie! Larry!: “En Visite” by McDonald
  9. Thanks For The Transportation: Repeat Detective Theme No.7
  10. If You Had Told Me: “Boreas” by Trinkaus
  11. Two Men Seen At Soda Fountain: “Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella” by Fain
  12. Husband Comes Home: “A Simple Love Episode” by Haines
  13. Child Climbs Out Of Window: “Heart To Heart” by Trinkaus
  14. Close-Up of Demonstration Window: “The Little White House” by Hanley
  15. Change of Scene To Father Undressing Child: “A Bedtime Tale” by Swinnen
  16. Child Kneels To Pray: “Be Thou My Guide” by Lowell
  17. Child Is Put To Bed: JANE AND LARRY THEME “Worryin’” by Fairman
  18. Fade-In To Dinner Table: “Springtime” by Wright
  19. Fade-In To Roof-Tops: Repeat Jane and Larry Theme No.17
  20. Fade-In To Frying Pan: “Frivolous Patrol” by Goublier
  21. Close-Up Of Newspaper: “A Mysterious Fable” by Juon
  22. You Didn’t Break Your: “Dramatic Suspense” by O’Hare
  23. Change of Scene To Carson’s House: Repeat Detective Theme No.7
  24. Change of Scene To Eddie At Table: “Mood Pensive” by Applefield
  25. Man Lights Cigarette Up Against Wall: “Mysterious Stranger” by Kay
  26. Hey, Pop! Look What I Got!: “Intermezzo” by Arensky
  27. Detective Coming Upstairs: Repeat Detective Theme No.7
  28. Eddie Realizes He Has Pearls In His Pockets: Repeat No.26 “Intermezzo”
  29. Detective Sits Down At Table: Repeat Detective Theme No.7
  30. Kid Takes Pearls Out of Coffee Pot: Repeat No.26 “Intermezzo”
  31. After Eddie Gets Pearls Into Carpet Sweeper: Repeat Detective Theme No.7
  32. Radio Turned on: “The Prisoner’s Song” by Massey
  33. Radio Turned Off: Repeat No.26 “Intermezzo”
  34. Servant Comes In And Takes Carpet Sweeper Out; “Wings of Joy” by Van Norman
  35. Burglar Holds Up Larry and Eddie: Repeat No.25 “Mysterious Stranger”
  36. Eddie Runs Out and Calls For Help: “Eccitamento” by Retlaw
  37. Servant Is Seen With Carpet Sweeper At Ash Can: “Harold and Mildred” by Finck
  38. Kid Jumps Into Ash Can: Repeat No.36 “Eccitamento”
  39. Eddie Sees Larry: “Joy” by Zamecnik
  40. Open It In My Room: “Tensive Misterioso” by Peele
  41. Child Walks Over To Burglar: “A Game of Tag” by Trinkaus
  42. We’ve Got The Man: “Agitation” by Borch
  43. Change of Scene Back To Burglar and Child: Repeat No.41 “A Game of Tag”
  44. Carson Enters: “Dramatic Tension” by Noyes
  45. Bad Man Went Out Window: “Dramatic Suspense” by Winkler
  46. I Knew It All The Time: Repeat Detective Theme No.7
  47. The Care Tomorrow At Ten: “Exultation” by Hosmer
  48. I’ll Get A Promotion: “A Perfect Day” by Bond

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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