Sharp Shooters

Title: Sharp Shooters

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At Screening: “She Was Just A Sailor’s Sweetheart” by Burke
  2. A Mediterranean Port: “Ship Ahoy” by Frey
  3. Three Sailors Walk Over To Street Peddlar: “In Bagdad” by Leigh
  4. Sailors See Dancing Girls: “Egyptian Echoes” by Black
  5. Watch Out For Those Wiggling: “Characteristic Theme No.1” by Roberts
  6. Lorette: “No.3 from ‘Faust’ Ballet Music” by Gounod
  7. Sailors Applaud Dancing: Repeat No.5 “Characteristic No.1”
  8. O’Brien Takes Girl Away From His Two Pals: “Sugar” by Yellen
  9. Waiter Brings Food To Two Sailors: “No Eats from ‘Three Grotesque Themes’” by Rapee
  10. Girl Dances In Front of Sailor: Tom Tom only
  11. Hat Is Thrown Off Sailor’s Head: Repeat No.8 “Sugar”
  12. Proprietor Stops Lorette: “An Argument” by Breil
  13. Three Sailors Leave Café With Girl: Repeat No.5 “Characteristic No.1”
  14. Lorette and George Enter House: THEME “Diane” by Rapee
  15. Zis Is My Grandpere: “La Marseillaise” (2 bars)

SEGUE: “Passepied” by Delibes

  1. Moonlight On The Mediterranean: “The Beggar” by Snyder
  2. You’re A Good Kid, And This Is All Wrong: “Heart’s Pleading” by Rapee-Axt
  3. So Long Kid! See You In New York: “Ragging The Waves” by Rosey

SEGUE: “Diane” by Rapee

  1. New York and A Furlough: Repeat No.18 “Ragging The Waves”
  2. Flossie: Repeat No.1 “She Was Just A Sailor’s Sweetheart”
  3. New York—A Ship Off Quarantine: “Dolores” by Kay
  4. Unless You Find: “Ferocity” by Carrozzini
  5. “Hi-Jack” Murdock: “Misterioso Furioso” by Affrunti (Play “PP”)
  6. Change of Scene To Dreamland: “Blue River” by Meyer
  7. How’s Th’ Old Swedish: Repeat No.5 “Characteristic No.1”
  8. O’Brien Starts Dancing With Girl: Repeat No.24 “Blue River”
  9. Crowd Leaves Dance Floor: Repeat No.5 “Characteristic No.1”
  10. Lorette Sees George: Repeat Theme No.14
  11. I Never Saw You Before: “Dramatic Appassionato” by Ciganeri
  12. Dancing Starts: “Bye-Bye Pretty Baby” by Gardner
  13. Two Sailors Find Lorette Crying On Table: “Sad Thoughts” by Haines
  14. George Is Our Pal, But We Owe: Repeat No.15 “La Marseillaise” (2 bars)

SEGUE: “Agitated Misterioso” by Rapee

  1. George Is So Anxious To: Repeat Theme No.14
  2. Three Miles Out: Repeat No.18 “Ragging the Waves”
  3. Lorette Enters Cabin: “O Promise Me” by DeKoven
  4. Skipper Opens Dictionary: “I’ll Be Happy When The Preacher Makes You Mine” by Donaldson
  5. Couple Place Hands On Bible: Repeat No.5 “Characteristic No.1”
  6. Two Sailors Leave Lorette and George Alone: Repeat Theme No.14
  7. Is George Home?: Repeat No.1 “She Was Just A Sailor’s Sweetheart”
  8. Flossie Is Chased Downstairs: “Mood Pensive” by Applefield
  9. Flossie Seen On Street Again: Repeat No.1 “She Was Just A Sailor’s Sweetheart”
  10. Change of Scene To Bed: Repeat Theme No.14
  11. Change of Scene to Sun Rising: “Dawning” by Pinkard
  12. Lorette Burns George With Coffee: “Rapture” by Zamecnik
  13. George Meets Flossie: Repeat No.1 “She Was Just A Sailor’s Sweetheart”
  14. “Hi-Jack” Murdock Goes Up House: “Agitato No.20” by Borch
  15. After “Hi-Jack” and His Men Leave: “Broken Vows” by Kempinski
  16. George Enters With Flowers: “Enthusiasm” by Schad
  17. I Have Leave M’Sieur: “Desperation” by Schad
  18. George Leaves His House: “Eccitamento” by Retlaw
  19. Where Is Murdock—And My Wife?: “Minor Agitato” by Berge
  20. Sailors Start Fighting: “The Furious Mob” by Zamecnik
  21. Two Sailors Drag Murdock: “Burlesque on Chopin’s Funeral March” by Kempinski
  22. Lorette and George Embrace: Repeat Theme No.14

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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