Hello Cheyenne

Title: Hello Cheyenne

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At Screening: “Out West” by Pinard
  2. Zip, A Product of Cheyenne: “Farcical Allegro” by Aborn
  3. Hey! Get That Thing Off: “I’ll Just Roll Along” by De Rose
  4. Zip Goes Over to Bus: “The Village Cut-Up” by Egenor
  5. Mix Puts Girl Back In Car: “Frivolous Coquette” by Kempinski
  6. The City of Rawhide: “Hustle-Bustle”by Delille
  7. Zip Falls Out of Coach: Repeat No.4 “Village Cut-Up”
  8. To Give Rawhide Its First Telephone: “Iron Horse March” by Rapee
  9. The Cody Telephone Co: “Camorra” by Joels
  10. Cody Walks Over to Speech-Maker: “Lyric Agitato” by Savino
  11. Men Grab Speech-Maker: “Jollifications” by Noyes
  12. Sandy McHugh’s Store: “Rosette” by Claypoole
  13. Villain Grabs Hold of Zip: “Scherzo Serioso” by Lowitz
  14. Mix Comes Back Into Store: Repeat No.12 “Rosette”
  15. Change of Scene to Mountain View Hotel: “Gruesome Suspense” by Beghen
  16. Mix Puts Girl in Car: Repeat No.3 “I’ll Just Roll Along”
  17. Girl Starts Car: Repeat No.15 “Gruesome Suspense”
  18. On the Way With the Payroll: “Al Fresca” by Herbert
  19. A Lot of Gals: “rebellion” by Pasternack
  20. Don’t Worry, I’m Alright: “Garden Frolics” by Pasternack
  21. Fade-In to Man in Front of Store: “Kowboy Komedy” by Aborn
  22. Everything is in Our Favor: “Implorations” by Pasternack
  23. Cody\s Outfit is Ahead: “A Spooky Adventure” by Pasternack
  24. Night Scene: “Allegro Tempestuoso” by Baron
  25. Two Men Kidnap Girl: “Help! Help!” by Kovacs
  26. Mix Saves Girl: “That Melody of Love” by Donaldson
  27. Change of Scene to Villain: “Mystification” by Hosmer
  28. The Finish of the Race: Repeat No.8 “Iron Horse March”
  29. The Overland Company Tried: “Marche Mysterieuse” by Schad
  30. Change of Scene to Mix and Girl: Repeat No.26 “That Melody of Love”
  31. Zip Comes Galloping In On Horseback: “Impending Danger” by Kempinski
  32. Mix Gets on Horse: “The Pony Express” by Bierman
  33. Mix Holds Up Men: “Agitated Hurry” by Langey
  34. Here Comes the Overland Outfit: “Marche Joyeuse” by Chabrier
  35. Mix Returns: “Agitato” by Armando’a
  36. Girl Puts Wire on Phone: “Astir” by Berge
  37. Head Them Off: “Tumult” by Verdi
  38. Shooting Starts: “Defense of Horror” by Zamecnik
  39. Mix Talks to Girl on Phone: Repeat No.26: “The Melody of Love”
  40. Villain Grabs Girl: “Poursuite Dramatique” by Drigo’s Cinema Classics
  41. Mix Gets under Wagon: “Excitement” by Breil
  42. Fight is Over: Repeat No.26: “The Melody of Love”
  43. Hello Cheyenne!: “Joyous Allegro” by Borch
  44. Zip Seen on Floor: “A Perfect Day” by Bond

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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