Belwin Folio of Melodic Gems, Vol. 1

Title: Belwin Folio of Melodic Gems, Vol. 1

Author: Belwin, Inc.

Publisher: New York: Belwin, Inc., 1922

Series: Belwin Piano Pleasures

Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: Cecil Kappey, Maurice Baron, S. Boyaner, J. Titlebaum, Al Morton

OCLC Number: 500751613

Contents: 1. Indian Reverie by Kappey
2. Song of Zion by Baron
3. Lamento by Baron
4. Baby Dreams, Petite Reverie by Boyaner
5. A Musical Thought, Reverie by Titlebaum
6. Golden Morning, Reverie by Morton

Notes: for piano

Source: Greg Breed


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