Midnight Rose

Title: Midnight Rose

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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  1. At Screening: ROSE THEME “Midnight Rose” by Pollack
  2. New Year’s Eve in Chicago: “Haunted Nights” by Jacquet
  3. Man Rushes Up To Tom: “Unfinished Symphony” by Schubert
  4. Steve Corbin: “Rhythmic Misterioso” by Damesek
  5. Corbin Had Met But One: Repeat Rose Theme No.1
  6. Tom Joins Gangsters At Table: “Second Misteroso a la Valse” by Savino
  7. Rose In Dressing Room: CORBIN THEME “The Captive” by Savino
  8. Tom Appears In Hallway—Sees Child: “Little Man” by Ball
  9. Flash To Café: “Who Do You Love” by Klages
  10. Rose and Tom Leave: Repeat Rose Theme No.1
  11. Minister and Friend Enter: “A Gay Lothario” by Bierman
  12. Ceremony Starts: Repeat Rose Theme No.1
  13. Now You’re Married—Here’s Your Kid: “Burlesque On Mendelssohn’s and Wagner’s Wedding March” by Kempinski
  14. What Are You Doing With Callahan’s Boy?: “Mighty Lak’a Rose” by Nevin
  15. Corbin and “Fixer”: Repeat Corbin Theme No.7
  16. Tom Working—Receives Notice: “Despair” by De Taeye
  17. Kid With Pipe: “Fairy Tales” by Komzak
  18. Rose and Corbin: Repeat Corbin Theme No.7
  19. Rose Alone In Room—Starts Packing: Repeat Rose Theme No.1
  20. Tom Working—Discharged Again: “Amoroso Appassionato” by Delille
  21. Crooks At Safe In Dark: “March of the Phantom Hosts” by Axt
  22. All Facts In The Case: Repeat Corbin Theme No.7
  23. Newspaper Insert: “Appassionato No.47” by Berge
  24. Tom And Child: “Dear Little Boy of Mine” by Ball
  25. Café Scene: “La Rosita” by Dupont
  26. Curtains Open—Rose Appears: Repeat Rose Theme No.1
  27. And Lust May Turn To Love: “Chanson Algerian” by Bradford
  28. Months Passed: “Berceuse” by Jarnefelt
  29. Corbin Speaks To Rose: “Because I Love You” by Berlin
  30. Tom In Cell—Crook Joins Him: Repeat Corbin Theme No.7
  31. Corbin’s Awakened Conscience: “Flocons de Neige” by Bradford
  32. Insert—Letter: “Were My Songs With Wings Provided” by Hahn
  33. Corbin Enters Room: “Souvenir” by Herbert
  34. Tom Buying Revolver: “La Foret Perfide” by Gabriel Marie
  35. Rose Opens Door—Tom Grabs Her: “La Foret Perfide” by Gabriel Marie (2nd)
  36. Tom Takes Hold Of Rose’s Hand At Cradle: Repeat Rose Theme No.1

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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