See You In Jail

Title: See You In Jail

Author: Eugene Conte

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Eugene Conte

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  1. At Screening: “Stray Sunbeams” by Huerter
  2. Peter Mardsden: “The Chatterbox” by Sanders
  3. Well Dad: “April Bloom” by Ansell
  4. Six Months Later: “Scherzo Primo” by Conzerno
  5. Old Man At Window: “The Village Clown” by Axt
  6. Roger Whitney: “Gaily Thro’ Life” by Schad
  7. Detective and Old Man Argue: “Elopement” by Carrozzini
  8. Roger Whitney’s Sister: “Ain’t She Sweet?” by Ager
  9. Elevator Starts: Repeat No.7 “Elopement”
  10. Fate Dealt: “A Love Lesson” by Fresco
  11. He Threw Dust Into: “Sunset Meditation” by Biggs
  12. Pershing Square: “Silver Fingers” by Mallory
  13. Like To Make Some: “Early Roses” by Baron
  14. Clothes Make: Repeat No.6 “Gaily Thro’ Life”
  15. Judge McCurd: Repeat No.2 “Chatterbox”
  16. Life Is What You: “Hail, Hail, The Gang’s All here” by Lake

SEGUE: “Mirth and Merriment” by Delille

  1. It Is An Honor: “Jollity” by Zamecnik
  2. Fade-In Ruth: “So Blue” by Henderson
  3. Maid Enters: Repeat No.2 “Chatterbox”
  4. Suffering: “The Joker” by Srawley
  5. We’re All Friends Here: “Rosemary” by Reynard
  6. Miss Whitney To See Her Brother: THEME “Forgive Me” by Ager
  7. He Can’t Dodge Us Now: “Junella” by Kahn
  8. Ruth and Judge: Repeat No.18 “So Blue”
  9. Night Passed: “A Game of Tag” by Trinkaus
  10. Whitney At Phone: “Rush Hours” by Sanders
  11. To Jerry: “Fireflies” by Savino
  12. Jerry and Men Leave Cell: “Merry Cavaliers” by Srawley
  13. Jerry Sneaks Out of Room: Repeat No.25 “A Game of Tag”
  14. We Must Take Immediate Action: Repeat Theme No.22
  15. The Judge Is Phoning You: “Because I Love You” by Berlin
  16. Change To Men: Repeat No.4 “Scherzo Primo”
  17. Judge Sees Jerry: “Gossip” by Borch
  18. Ruth Pleads With Judge: Repeat Theme No.22
  19. Change To Men: “Carnival” by Savino
  20. Jerry Dictates Letter: Repeat Theme No.22

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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