In Old Kentucky

Title: In Old Kentucky

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “My Old Kentucky Home” by Ascher (Ascher)
  2. The Old South: “Fire Away” by Bendix (Witmark)
  3. They Can’t Beat: “The Handicap” by Rosey (Marks)
  4. It Was A Great Night: “Grand-Daddy” by Brewer (Fox)
  5. Ithn’t Jimmy Thweet: “A Southern Dream” by Lincoln, from No. 1 (Vandersloot)
  6. Exterior Scene: Repeat No. 1 “My Old Kentucky Home”
  7. Colored Boy Stops Playing Mouth Organ (Short Tacet and Segue): Repeat No. 6 “My Old Kentucky Home”
  8. Colored Boy Sees Girl: “From the Canebrake” by Gardner (G. Schirmer)
  9. Colored Boy and Girl Interrupted (Short Tacet and Segue): Mouth harmonic imitation ad lib on Organ
  10. Horse Interrupts Colored Boy Playing Mouth Harmonica: “Heart Beats” by Miles (Fox)
  11. Colored Boy Begins to Play Mouth Organ: Repeat No. 1 “My Old Kentucky Home”
  12. Colored Boy Stops Playing Mouth Harmonica: “Melodious Agitato” by Lakay (Berlin)
  13. Lovers in Garden: Continue No. 12 more quietly
  14. Boy Walks on Screen with Mother and Sweetheart: “Constance” by Golden (Photo Play Music Co.)
  15. Maid Falls with Pies: “Constance” by Golden, 2nd strain (Photo Play Music Co.)
  16. Fade-Out of Girl: “Chicken Reel” by Daly (Jacobs)
  17. Jail Is Too Good For You: “Chatter” by Kahn (Sonnemann)
  18. Fade-Out of Colored Boy After Title “Sweet Puppies”: “Sleeping Rose” by Borch (Belwin)
  19. Horses Will Do No: “Battle Agitato” by Schoenfeld (Photo Play Music Co.)
  20. As Far As I Am Concerned: “Allegro Scintillante” by Kempinski (Berlin)
  21. Soldier Mounts Horse: “Battle Agitato No. 48” by Shepherd (Berg)
  22. Soldier Dismounts From Horse: Continue No. 21 noisily and with effects
  23. Explosion: “The Call of Love” by Rizzi (Boston)
  24. Fade-Out Of Store Scene: “Emancipation Day” by Frey (Robbins)
  25. Boy On Platform Of Train Sees Parents: “Plaintive” by Norton (Jacobs)
  26. Fade-Out To Colored Servant: “Me An’ Mah Pardner” by Strickland (Ditson)
  27. Colored Boy Sees Policeman: “A Gay Lothario” by Bierman (American Composers)
  28. Father And Son Show On Screen: “Reverie Poetique” by Baron (Belwin)
  29. Jimmy What’s The Matter With You: “Romance d’Amour” by Schoenfeld (Photo Play Music Co.)
  30. Boy Sitting On Ground Kisses Girl: “Romance d’Amour” by Schoenfeld, 2nd strain (Photo Play Music Co.)
  31. Boy Drives Off In Auto: “In Pensive Mood” by Berge (Jungmickel)
  32. Other Heroes Of The War: “Quelques Fleurs” by Baron (Belwin)
  33. I Want To Buy That Mare: “Piangere” by Gabriel Marie (Chapelier)
  34. Fade-Out As Man Leads Horse Off Screen: “Sambo’s Holiday” by Tschakoff (Carl Fischer)
  35. Fade-Out of Jockey And Horse: “Ma Belle Charmante” by Roberts (Carl Fischer)
  36. Church Bell Ringing: “Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin” by Wagner (Ascher)
  37. Bride And Groom At Altar: “O Promise Me” by De Koven (G. Schirmer)
  38. Fade To Policeman And Girl: “Reubens Frolic” by Schoenfeld (Photo Play Music Co.)
  39. Let Me Jus’ Hold That Money: “Longing” by Bendix (Witmark)
  40. Man Walks On Screen: “Meeting” by Bendix (Witmark)
  41. Fade-Out After Title “Never Mind Money”: “Palais de Danse” by Horne (Bosworth)
  42. Boy Picks Up Silver Cups From Counter: “Entreaty” by Zamecnik (Fox)
  43. Fade-Out of Boy in Pawn Shop: “Star-Eyes” by Evans (Gordon)
  44. Son Walks On Screen To Jockey: “Incid. Miniature No. 5” by Kempinski (Photo Play Music Co.)
  45. Derby Day: “Joyful Hurry No. 1” by Baron (Baron)
  46. Boy Walks From Telephone Booth: “Comedy Allegro” by Haines (Hawkes)
  47. Boy Sees Queen Bess In Stall: Repeat No. 1 “My Old Kentucky Home”
  48. Jimmy, You Paid Quen Bess’s Entry Fee: “Flying Hurry” by Carbonara (Robbins)
  49. Trumpet Call After Title “Queen Bess Is A Mudder”: “Trumpet Call in Bb”
  50. One Scene: “The National Game” by Sousa (Fox)
  51. Starter Swings Barrier: “Six Furlongs” by Bub (Music Buyers)
  52. End Of Race—People Rush On To Track: “Devil Dogs” by Marquardt (Music Buyers)
  53. Fade-Out Of Race Track Scene: “Goin’ Home” by Dvorak (Ditson)
  54. Mother And Son Enter: Repeat No. 1 “My Old Kentucky Home”

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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