Lilac Time

Title: Lilac Time

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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James C. Bradford (Cameo Music, no date)

  1. At Screening: “Poeme Dramatique” by Fourdrain (Manus)
  2. Far Behing the British Lines: “The Victors” by Elbel (Bosworth)
  3. Mechanics Arguing: “Spring Cleaning” by Bradford (Carl Fischer)
  4. The Great Meadow of Lilac Farm: “In the Clouds” by Rapee-Axt (Robbins)
  5. The Squadron Commander: “Flocons de Neige” by Bradford (Robbins)
  6. Great Scott, No. 7 Is in Trouble: “Orgies of the Spirits” by Ilynsky (Ross Jungnickel)
  7. Aviators Gather about Fallen Comrade: “A Keltic Lament” by Foulds (Hawkes & Son)
  8. Jeannine Appears from Rear Door in Grotesque Attire: “Poupee Valsante” by Poldini (Carl Fischer)
  9. To a Pal Gone West: “Taps” (Photoplay Music)
  10. Officer Breaks Goblet: “Lamento” by Danty (Manus)
  11. While the Sunset Patrol: “Princess Pat Fox-Trot” by Herbert (Carl Fischer)
  12. Jeannine Runs Away From Mechanic: “Avril Frileux” by Mouton (J. Yves)
  13. Philip Appears in Yard: “Midsummer” by Maquarre (Manus)
  14. We Bagged a Fokker Today: JEANNINE THEME “Prelude” by Mendoza (Robbins)
  15. I Have No Kisses for Bum Flyers: “Dolly Dimple” by Alter (Paul Whiteman)
  16. Jeannine Washing Dishes: “La Fete des Moissons” by Roses (Manus)
  17. Jeannine Appears at Door of Philip’s Room with Sandwich: LOVE THEME “Jeannine, I Dream of Lilac Time” by Shilkret (Leo Feist)
  18. The Dawn Patrol Was In: “Doux Murmure” by Gillet (Manus)
  19. Philip Pulls Lever—Jeannine Falls: “Animal Cartoonix No. 2” by Aborn (Belwin)
  20. Jeannine Strokes Plane: Repeat Love Theme No. 17
  21. Plane Takes Off: “Restless Bows” by Strawley (G. Schirmer)
  22. I Am the Big Bum Flyer: “Babillage” by Gillet (Carl Fischer)
  23. Why Father: “Dram. Tension No. 36” by Andino (S.M. Berg)
  24. Jeannine Turns and Sadly Walks Away: Repeat Jeannine Theme No. 14
  25. A “Binge” for Visiting Flyers: “Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo?” by McHugh (Jack Mills)
  26. Across the Line: “Bierwalzer” by See (Carl Fischer)
  27. Officer Enters: “Nibelungen March” by Wagner (Carl Fischer)
  28. “Der Tag”: “Die Wacht am Rhein from Echoes of the Fatherland” by Hennenberg (Carl Fischer)
  29. Flash-Back to English Aviators: Repeat No. 25 “Hinky Dinky Parlay Voo?”
  30. Ye Gods, A Brigadier General: “God Save the King from Sounds from England” by Langey (Carl Fischer)
  31. Here’s to Us Flying: “The Jovial Rogue” by Bradford (Carl Fischer)
  32. Boy Leaves Room: Repeat Jeannine Theme No. 14
  33. Jeannine Alone in Garden: Repeat Love Theme No. 17
  34. Interior—Aviator Sitting on Table Singing: “Marching Song of the Foreign Legion” by Bradford (Sam Fox)
  35. Flash-back to Garden—Jeannine and Philip: Repeat Love Theme No. 17
  36. The Enemy: “Nibelungen March” by Wagner (Carl Fischer)
  37. A Bugle Call Floats Down: “Sous la Haine” by Fosse (J. Yves)
  38. Jeannine and Philip: LOVE THEME “Jeannine, I Dream of Lilac Time” by Shilkret (Leo Feist)
  39. Flash-back to Field: “Second Love Tragedy” by Savino (Robbins)
  40. Let’s Go Contact: “Air Flight” by Zamecnik (Sam Fox)
  41. And a Surging Sea of Allied Troops: Repeat No. 1 “Poeme Dramatique”
  42. Our Squadron Still Surging On: Repeat No. 4 “In the Clouds”
  43. The Search Is Over: Repeat No. 6 “Orgies of the Spirits”
  44. And “Nelly Boozis” Has Joined: “Afflizione” by Gabriel Marie (G. Ricordi)
  45. Only One: “Allegro Aggressivo” by Stahlberg (Carl Fischer)
  46. After Crash of Philip’s Plane: “Love and Passion” by Roland (Heinrichshofen)
  47. Hoping, Searching: “Amorous Adventure” by Bradford (Sonnemann)
  48. Far Across France: “Chanson Algerian” by Bradford (Sam Fox)
  49. Captain Philip Blythe: Repeat Jeannine Theme No. 14
  50. Philip Just Died: “Berceuse” by Jarnefelt (Carl Fischer)
  51. Was It Jeannine?: “Adventure d’Armour” by Bradford (Robbins)
  52. Jeannine Recognizes Wounded Boy: “Adriana Lecouvreur” by Cilea (Ed. Sonzogno)
  53. Don’t You Remember?: LOVE THEME “Jeannine I dream of Lilac Time” by Shilkret (Leo Feist)

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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