The Son of the Sheik

Title: The Son of the Sheik

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheets, 1926


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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Contents: 1. At Screening: Odalisks from “Babylon” by Elie
2. A Camp of Outcasts: Moorish March by Moszkowski (Purple)
3. Fourth Knife Thrown: Fi-Ya-Di by Marquardt
4. End of Feet Dancing: That Night in Araby by Snyder (Orange)
5. Valentino and Girl with Trumpet Call after Horsemen Seen in Distance: Trumpet Call by Cornet
6. Man Shown Calling: Indic. Symphony No. 7 by Kempinski (Light Blue)
7. Valentino Rides off on Horseback: That Night in Araby by Snyder (Orange)
8. Then in brief: Repeat No. 6 (Light Blue)
9. Close-up of Outlaw’s Face after Valentino Rides Across Screen: Luz Symphonic Color Classic No. 2 by Bizet (Red)
10. You Wait Here: Among the Arabs by Langey
11. Valentino Dismounts: Repeat No. 4 (Orange)
12. Valentino Carries Dancing Girl in Arms: Repeat No. 9 (Red)
13. Valentino Stands Up After Robbers Take Revolver: Agitato No. 3 by Langey
14. Girl Carried Back to Tent: Luz Symphonic Color Classic No. 2 by Bizet (Dark Blue)
15. Outlaws Whip Valentino: Repeat No. 9 (Red)
16. Long Ago You Promised Her: Repeat No. 2 (Purple)
17. Men at Iron Barred Window: repeat No. 6 (Light Blue)
18. Valentino Taken Out Where Horses: Repeat No. 2 (Purple)
19. At a Friend’s Home: Repeat No. 4 (Orange)
20. Valentino Hears Circus Outside: Repeat No. 3 “Fi-Ya-Di”
21. Dancers Stop Dancing: Repeat No. 4 (Orange)
22. Valentino Crushes Rose in Hand: Repeat No. 2 (Purple)
23. The Night Was Young: Arab Dance by Anseil
24. Dancer Shows on Screen: Film Theme No. 15 by Rachmaninoff
25. Man Stops Dancing Girl: Repeat No. 23 “Arab Dance”
26. Valentino Grabs Dancing Girl by Arm: Incid. Symphony No. 1 by Kempinski
27. Fade-Out after Vase with Comedian Breaks: Luz Symphonic Color Classic No. 2 by Bizet (Dark Green)
28. So My Young Charmer: Repeat No. 14 (Dark Blue)
29. Valentino Throws Girl Back Against Couch–Close Up of Girl: Repeat No. 9 (Red)
30. Valentino Grabs Girl in Arms to Kiss Her: Repeat No. 14 (Dark Blue)
31. The Desert Villa: The Sheik of Araby by Snyder (White)
32. Photo on Screen: ‘Neath the Desert Stars by Geehl
33. The Sheik Greets His Wife: Repeat No. 31 (White)
34. Exterior Scene After Sheik Kisses Wife: Karma by Herbert
35. Fade-Out as the Sheik and Horsemen Ride Off: Repeat No. 9 (red)
36. And You’ll Have More Reason: Repeat No, 14 (Dark Blue)
37. Sheik Dismounts from Horse: Repeat No. 32 “‘Neath the Desert Stars”
38. I Gave You Strict Orders: Repeat No. 34 “Karma”
39. Sheik About to Strike Son: Repeat No. 9 (Red)
40. It is for Hate: Repeat No. 31 (White)
41. Sheik Mounts Horse and Rides Off: Repeat No. 9 (red)
42. Women, Bah Heed Them Not: A Mysterious Event by Zamecnik
43. Valentino Walks to Door of Tent After Girl Off Screen: Repeat No. 27 (Dark Green)
44. Girl Brought From Tent: Repeat No. 7 (Orange)
45. Second Scene of Girl on Donkey–Looks Back: Incid. Symphony No. 22 by Schertzinger
46. Valentino on Horseback Shows on Screen: Repeat No. 9 (Red)
47. Let’s Start Back to Tonggard: Repeat No. 6 (Light Blue)
48. Valentino Stops Pacing Up and Down Tent: Repeat No. 7 (Orange)
49. Man Walks from Valentino in Close-Up: Autumn Winds by Biechiere
50. I Told You: Repeat No. 31 (White)
51. Sheik Kisses Wife on Forehead After Fade-Out of Vision: Repeat No. 49 “Autumn Winds”
52. Fade-Out as Sheik and Men Ride from House: Repeat No. 9 (Red)
53. Quick, Send Yasmin to Dance: Repeat No. 3 “Fi-Ya-Di”
54. Girl Stops Dancing in Scene After Man Sharpens Knife on Shoe: Repeat No. 7 (Orange)
55. Ahmed, You Must Go: Repeat No. 26 “Incid. Symphony No. 1”
56. Father and Son Embrace: Repeat No. 7 (Orange)(First 8 bars)
57. Exterior Scene After Title: “Father, the Girl, I Love Her”: Galloping Furies by Rapee
58. Close-Up of Girl on Horseback: Repeat No. 7 (Orange).

Notes: Uses Luz’s color-coded system of music organization

Source: Donna Hill


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