Excess Baggage

Title: Excess Baggage

Author: Ernst Luz

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Ernst Luz

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  1. At Screening: “A Smile—A Kiss” by Marquardt (WHITE)
  2. Exterior Theatre Scene: “Café Chantant” by Fletcher (YELLOW)
  3. You’re Next, Eddie: “Breath of Morn” by Kempinski
  4. Boys in Gallery with Tomatoes: Repeat No.2 (YELLOW)
  5. Boy Falls from Wire Rope: Repeat No.1 (WHITE)
  6. Girls Get Ready to go on Stage: “The Flapper Wife” by Rupp
  7. Girls Stop Dancing: “Farcical Allegro” by Aborn
  8. He was in Love: “Moments of Tenderness” by Somerville
  9. Table Upsets: “Café Chantant” by Fletcher (YELLOW)
  10. Mammy: “A Smile—A Kiss” by Marquardt (WHITE)
  11. Girl Looks into Mirror: “Intermezzo Giocoso” by Egener
  12. Fade-Out After Boy Washes Girl’s Face: “Serenade” by Strube
  13. After Girl Drinks Water: “A Smile—A Kiss” by Marquardt (WHITE)
  14. Ain’t I the Best Juggler in the Business: “Sunny Hours” by Rich
  15. Rehearsing the Big Idea: “Regrets” by Kempinski (DK. GREEN)
  16. William Haines Ready to Slide Down Wire: “Drum Roll”
  17. Haines Slides Down Wire: “Intermezzo” by Sudessi
  18. Can You Imagine Those Bozos: Repeat No.10 (WHITE)
  19. Haines Sits Down at Mirror: Repeat No.9 (YELLOW)
  20. I’ll Get You One of Those New Lighters: “Roguish Eyes” by Gruenwald
  21. Ford Sisters Go on Stage: “Flora” by Markush
  22. The Only Time That Audience Claps: “Serenata” by Sanderson
  23. Must Be Something Wrong: “In the Clover” by Thurban
  24. Haines at Mirror in Dressing Room: Repeat No.15 (DK. GREEN)
  25. I Saw You In: “Melodic du Coeur” by Viola
  26. Kane, May I See You Alone?: Repeat No.15 (DK. GREEN)
  27. Men Leave—Girl Enters Dressing Room: “Romantic Melody” by Woodhouse
  28. Fade-out of Haines in Dressing Room: Repeat No.13 (WHITE)
  29. Haines on Moving Train: “Regrets” by Kempinski (DK. GREEN)
  30. San Francisco: “Dram. Andante No. 1” by Borch
  31. Haines Ready to Make Slide on Wire: “Tympany Roll”
  32. Haines Falls into Audience from Wire: “Film Theme No. 28” by Goldmark
  33. Newspaper Article—Girl Entertains: “Jollity” by Zamecnik
  34. But Eddie Preferred: “Among My Souvenirs” by Nicholls
  35. Me and the Ford Sister: “Love’s Reward” by Hauenschild
  36. Banquet Scene After Title “MAX, I CAN’T DO IT”: “Sunshine and Roses” by Borch
  37. And She’s Married: “Oh! You Have No Idea” by Dougherty
  38. Girl Walks Off Dance Floor: Repeat No.13 (WHITE)
  39. And the Diamond Studs: “Sweet Sue—Just You” by Young
  40. I Love Him Val: “Regrets” by Kempinski (DK. GREEN)
  41. Wife Enters Room to Haines: “A Smile—A Kiss” by Marquardt (WHITE)
  42. Leading Man Enters Room: Repeat No.40 (DK. GREEN)
  43. I Would Like to Talk: “Symphonic Incidentals No.3” by Marquadt
  44. Haines Knocks Down Leading Man: “Fading Flowers” by Kempinski
  45. Fade After Title “I’LL BE READY TO OPEN IN A WEEK”: “Serenade” by Herbert
  46. Man at Mirror has Power Puff at Lips: Repeat No.41 (WHITE)
  47. Listen Dearie: “A Ticklish Tale” by Finck
  48. Newspaper Article on Screen: “Lonely Hours” by Kempinski
  49. Go Back and Tell: “Forgetting You” by Henderson
  50. After Curtain Bows: “Kleis Abandonnee” by Gabriel Marie
  51. Girl Sits Down in Theater: “Valsette” by Sanderson
  52. Haines Begins to Walk Wire Rope: “Tragic Parting” by Hauenschild
  53. Haines Makes Sign to Orchestra Leader: “Tympany Roll”
  54. Girl Gets up from Orchestra Seat: “Moto Perpetuo” by Weiss
  55. After Haines Makes Slide: “A Smile—A Kiss” by Marquardt (WHITE)

Proper orchestra rest period is Nos. 22 to 30 inclusive.

NOTE: The repetition of numbers in this cue sheet is simplified by the use of the “LUZ” SYMPHONIC COLOR GUIDE sold by Music Buyers Corporation, 1520 Broadway, New York City. The color suggested for repetitions of numbers designate the Mood or Emotion, and is used as a code for such repetition.

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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