The Foreign Legion

Title: The Foreign Legion

Author: James C. Bradford

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928

Series: Greater Thematic Music Cue Sheet

Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: James C. Bradford

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LEGION THEME: “Marching Song of the Foreign Legion” by Bradford

RICHARD THEME: “Chanson Algerian” by Bradford

SYLVIA THEME: “Serenade” by Rachmoninoff

GABRIELLE THEME: “Out of the Dusk To You” by Lee

  1. At Screening: LEGION THEME
  2. Morocco: “Boots from ‘Beau Geste’” by Riesenfeld
  3. Break Out A Song: LEGION THEME
  4. Men Stop Marching: RICHARD THEME
  5. The Ten Minutes Are Up—Sound Bugle: Bugle Call
  6. After Trumpeter Finishes Playing: “Wotan” by Fietter
  7. Legion Resumes March: LEGION THEME
  8. Sibe-bel-abbes: “Kismet” by Henlere
  9. Legion Appears: LEGION THEME
  10. The Vision of the Balcony: “Tristesse” by Bradford
  11. Richard Sees Sylvia and Captain Arnaud: “Arabian Night” by Mildenberg
  12. Fade-In Bottles and Tumblers: “Cantilena” by Goltermann
  13. You Are Making Me Very Unhappy, Richard: SYLVIA THEME
  14. Arnaud’s Mission in England Was: “Scene Dramatique” by Benoit”
  15. Arnaud Caught Me: RICHARD THEME
  16. Your Father Was My Best Friend: “Lamento from ‘Eugene Onegin’” by Tschaikowsky
  17. Richard Meets Gabrielle in Hall: “Farwell” by Kuhne
  18. Flash-Back to Soldiers in Morocco: “Boots from ‘Beau Geste’” by Riesenfeld
  19. Gabrielle Rushes Toward Richard: GABRIELLE THEME
  20. Colonel Joins Friends at Table: “Marche Lorraine” by Ganne (Trio)
  21. Richard Enters Colonel’s Office: RICHARD THEME
  22. Richard Leaves Room: SYLVIA THEME
  23. Gabrielle and Richard in Garden: GABRIELLE THEME
  24. Sylvia Joins Them: “Obsession” by Fosse
  25. Arnaud Enters Room: “Air de Ballet” by Massenet
  26. Insert—“1st Regiment”: “Processional” by Savino
  27. Fade-In Ball: “Vision” by Breville
  28. Arnaud and Richard Meet In Garden: “La Mer Sombre” by Fosse
  29. Street Scene—Marching Soldiers: “French National Defile March” by Turlet
  30. Solitary Confinement: “The Fever” by Culotta
  31. Gabrielle Enters Hospital Ward: RICHARD THEME
  32. Sylvia Found Ways To Endure Silence: SYLVIA THEME
  33. Knock On Door: “Mysterious Tension” by Axt
  34. I Have Reason To Believe: “Reproach” by Zamecnik
  35. He Leaves Room: “Air de Ballet” by Massenet
  36. Barracks—Soldiers Preparing To Leave: LEGION THEME
  37. Gabrielle Joins Richard: GABRIELLE THEME
  38. After Richard Kisses Her Hand: “Marche Lorraine” by Ganne (Trio)
  39. We Must Carry On: “The Storm In The Desert” by David
  40. Hand Protruding From Sand: “Lamento from ‘Pique Dame’” by Tschaikowsky
  41. They Rise From Sand: “Valse Triste” by Sibelius
  42. Let’s Finish Him: “Ferocity” by Carrozzini
  43. So You Were Going To Leave: “Camorra” by Joels
  44. Court Martial: “L’Angoissante Aventure” by Gabriel Marie
  45. You Are Found Guilty: “Sicilian Vespers” by Verdi
  46. Insert—Photograph Of Child: “Dear Little Boy of Mine” by Ball
  47. Request Madame Arnaud To Come In: “March of the Phantom Hosts” by Axt
  48. His Name Is Richard Farquar: “Second Love Tragedy” by Savino
  49. Richard Taken From Room Under Guard: “Heartaches” by Pasternack
  50. Prison Corridor: GABRIELLE THEME
  51. Gabrielle Leaves Richard: “A Keltic Lament” by Foulds
  52. Daybreak: “Les Perses” by Domergue
  53. I Aided The Prisoner: “Dear Little Boy of Mine” by Ball
  54. Insert—Letter: RICHARD THEME

NOTE: You may end the picture with “Marching Song of the Foreign Legion” if you prefer, starting slowly and seriously for letter, and working up for close-in and exit March.

(Transcriber’s Note: last two pages have notes for almost each cue with dynamics, effects, and substitutions)

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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