Mother Machree

Title: Mother Machree

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At Screening: “Mother Machree” by Olcott
  2. Ireland—In The Year: “Kerry Down” by Rother
  3. Close-Up of Man and Woman Embracing: “Molly” by Herbert
  4. Two Policemen Seen: “Irish Patrol” by Puerner
  5. After Policemen Leave: Repeat No.2 “Kerry Down”
  6. Children Seen Reading At Fireside: “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” by Steffe

NOTE: Storm effects.

SEGUE: “Legend of the Sea” by Zamecnik

NOTE: Storm effects.

  1. The Rain-Drops Look: “Every Teak Is A Smile” by Carlo

NOTE: Storm effects.

  1. Light-House Seen: “Storm Scene” by Weber

NOTE: Storm effects.

  1. Mother and Son At Fireside: “Looms of Fate” by St. Saens
  2. Policemen Enter Home: “Andante Patetico e Doloroso” by Borch
  3. Fade-In To The Wake: “Misterioso Infernale” by Borch (Play “PP”)
  4. Weeks It Took Ellen To: “Off to Philadelphia from ‘The Emerald Isle’” by Langey
  5. Dwarf Seen: “March of the Dwarfs” by Grieg
  6. Your Servant, Ma’am!: “Paddy Whack from ‘The Emerald Isle’” by Langey
  7. Man Seen With Harp: “The Harp That Once Thro’ Tara’s Halls” by Ascher
  8. Is It A Widow Woman: “Irish Tune from County Derry” by Grainger
  9. Change of Scene to Midget: Repeat No.13 “March of the Dwarves”
  10. Wagon Leaving: “The Low Back’d Car” by lake
  11. I’ll Be After Saying: “Come Back to Erin”
  12. I’m Hoping There’ll: Repeat No.14 “Paddy Whack”
  13. America: “Chastity” by Kay
  14. Comedian Seen: “A Bit O’ Blarney” by Heli
  15. Bowl of Shamrock Seen: “Dear Little Shamrock from ’12 Irish Songs’” by DeWitt
  16. And You’ll Always Remember: Repeat No.1 “Mother Marchee” (Play last 8 bars)
  17. Comedian Seen In Doorway: Repeat No.22 “A Bit O’ Blarney”
  18. I’m In A Circus: “The Blarney Stone” by Engleman
  19. Earman’s Circus: “Acrobatie” by Wilbert

NOTE: Circus effects.

  1. Fifteen Dollars A Week: “Lords and Ladies” by Salzer
  2. Please, Ma’am: “The Breath of An Irish Smile” by Bowers
  3. Change of Scene to Children Dancing: “Minuet” by Suk
  4. Back to Teacher and Ellen: Repeat No.29 “The Breath of An Irish Smile”
  5. At Last America: “All For Joy Gallop” by Fahrbach

NOTE: Circus effects.

  1. Woman Leaves Pedastal: “Eccitamento” by Retlaw
  2. Tattood Man Locks Door: “The Irish Have A Great Day Tonight from ‘Eileen’” by Herbert
  3. Tattood Man Enters Ellen’s Home: Repeat No.26 “The Blarney Stone”
  4. Ellen McHugh: “Macushla” by MacMurrough
  5. Comedian Seen On Stairway: “Tobias Green” by Luscomb
  6. Lady Enters Room: “Thought” by Deyo
  7. Do You Think It Was: “Aiden” by Karganoff
  8. Close-Up of Mother At Son’s Bedside: “Dear Little Boy of Mine” by Ball

NOTE: Start at refrain—go back to verse, then two refrains.

  1. That Shamrock, Brian!: Repeat No.23 “Dear Little Shamrock”
  2. It Was A Week Or So: “Twilight Reverie” by Thome
  3. Ellen Enters Nursery: “Cradle Song” by Grieg
  4. Sure and You’ve: “Marionette” by Arndt
  5. Nurse-Maid Enters: “Uneasiness” by Borch
  6. Ellen Grabs Baby Out of Nurse’s Hands: “Dear Little Boy of Mine” by Ball (Play “PP”)
  7. And So With The Passing: Repeat No.1 “Mother Machree”
  8. Girl and Boy Enter: “The Doll Dance” by Brown
  9. Isn’t It About Time: “My Song of Love For You” by Albers
  10. Second Man Enters: THEME “Thine Alone form ‘Eileen’” by Herbert
  11. Boy Starts Playing Piano: Repeat No.1 “Mother Machree”
  12. Boy Leaves Piano: “Forget Me Not” by Macbeth
  13. Close-Up of Mother Machree: Repeat No.1 “Mother Machree”
  14. Change of Scene to Dining Room: “Iris” by Reynard
  15. Perhaps Because I’ve: Repeat No.1 “Mother Machree”
  16. Never Had A Happier: “Eileen Selection (Introd)” by Herbert
  17. Mother Machree Dances: “St. Patrick’s Day”
  18. After Dance Mother Machree Runs To Open Door: “Love’s Wilfulness” by Barthelemy
  19. Mother Machree Sees Brian On Sofa: Repeat No.40 “Dear Little Boy of Mine”
  20. Automobile Drives Up: “There’ll Be A Hot Time” by Beyer
  21. Brian and Edith Gets on Bus: Repeat Theme No.50
  22. You’re Still Loving: Repeat No.36 “Macushla”
  23. Change of Scene to Mother Machree: Repeat No.58 “Love’s Wilfulness”
  24. An April Night: “Climbing Up the Ladder of Love” by Greer
  25. Mother and Daughter Come Down Stairs: Repeat Theme No.50
  26. Brian Approaches Mother Machree: Repeat No.1 “Mother Machree”
  27. Newsboy Seen: “Battle Music” by Riesenfeld
  28. Bagpipes Seen: “The Campbells Are Coming” by Lake

SEGUE: “Semper Fidelis March” by Sousa

  1. ‘Tis Only Your Sweetheart: Repeat Theme No.50
  2. Brian Embraces Mother Machree: Repeat No.1 “Mother Machree” (Play last half)
  3. Brian Leaves Mother Machree: Repeat Theme No.50
  4. Oh, It’s Too Terrible!: Repeat No.1 “Mother Machree”
  5. Say, Are We Goin’ To Fight: “Semper Fidelis March” by Sousa
  6. Lovers Seen: Repeat Theme No.50
  7. Goodbye—Goodbye, Brian: “Mother Machree” by Olcott
  8. Are You Terence O’Dowd: Repeat No.36 “Macushla”
  9. God Keep You, Terence O’Dowd: Repeat No.1 “Mother Machree”

NOTE: Drum marching very softly.

  1. War! Months It Went On: “Liberty Overture” by Langey
  2. Peace—At Last: “Home Again” by Lake
  3. Fade-In To Brian Embracing Mother: Repeat No.1 “Mother Machree”
  4. Brian Leaves Mother Machree: Repeat No.36 “Macushla”

SEGUE: “Mother Machree” by Olcott (Play last half)

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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