Riley The Cop

Title: Riley The Cop

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At Screening: RILEY THEME “The Irish Have A Great Day Tonight” by Herbert
  2. For Twenty Years: “Fall In Line” by Rosey
  3. It Iss By Police Regulations: KRAUSMEYER THEME “Where Is My Meyer?” by Profes
  4. Krausmeyer Leaves Riley: Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  5. Riley Gets On Boot Black Stand: “Darkies’ Shuffle” by Rollinson
  6. Riley Gets Off Boot Black Stand: Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  7. Man Seen Hopping In Boxes: “Two In A Bar” by Copping
  8. Drunkard Leaves Riley; Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  9. Riley Turns Water Hydrant On: “Our Boys and Girls” by Ring-Hager (Play lively)
  10. Close-Up of Girl On Stairway: LOVE THEME “Pretty, Petite, and Sweet” by Archer
  11. Riley Enters Basement: Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  12. Riley Puts Pushcart On Krausmeyer’s Beat: Repeat Krausmeyer Theme No.3
  13. Fade-In To Girl and Boy: Repeat Love Theme No.10
  14. Mid-Summer With Mary: “Badinage” by Herbert
  15. It’s From Mary: Repeat Love Theme No.10
  16. Children Seen Playing Baseball: “Take Me Out To the Ball Game” by Norworth
  17. Ball Smashes Window: “Gigue” by Bradford
  18. The Auditors Report: “Dramatic Tension” by Luscomb
  19. Poster of Steamship Seen: “Lady of My Heart” by Order
  20. The Cop. Seen: Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  21. Riley Throws Brick: “Comedy Allegro” by Haines
  22. Fade-In To Police Captain’s Office: Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  23. Munich, Germany: “Bierwalzer” by See
  24. Krausmeyer!: “Under the Double Eagle” by Wagner (2nd Strain)
  25. Riley Leaves Krausmeyer: Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  26. Riley Enters Prison Cell: “Tears” by Zamecnik
  27. Riley and Boy Leave Prison: “Exaltation” by Coerne
  28. Beer Barrels Seen: “Immer Noch Ein Tropfchen” by Hinsch
  29. All My Life I’ve Been Searching: “Down Deep In An Irishman’s Heart” by McHugh
  30. Be Yourself, Big Boy: “Don’t Be Like That” by Pinkard
  31. Don’t Forget I’m Your Prisoner: Repeat No.28 “Immer Noch Ein Tropfchen” (very quietly)
  32. Telegraph Ticker Seen: “Police Parade March” by Lincke
  33. Riley Leaves German Policemen After Receiving Telegram: “Garden Frolics” by Pasternack
  34. Just When I Was Beginning: Repeat No.30 “Don’t Be Like That”
  35. Girl Puts Hat On: “O Katharina” by Fall
  36. Davy Sees Mary: Repeat Love Theme No.10
  37. Riley And Girl Sit Down At Table: Repeat No.29 “Down Deep In An Irishman’s Heart”
  38. Riley Sits Down At Table With German Man: Repeat No.28 “Immer Noch Ein Tropfchen”
  39. Davy, Me Boy, You’re Too Young: Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  40. German Yodelers Greet Lena: “Hi-le, Hi-lo from ‘Deutscher Walzer’” by Kaine
  41. German Yodelers Start To Sing: “O, Du Lieber Augustine from ‘Deutscher Walzer’” by Kaine
  42. Davy and Cabman Enter Café: “German Patrol” by Schrader
  43. Argument And Fighting Starts: “Jollifications” by Noyes (Very lively)
  44. German Police Appear: Repeat No.32 “Police Parade”
  45. Riley and Davy Enter Aeroplane: Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  46. Davy, I Seem To Think: “Forsaken” by Lake
  47. Paris—Whose Main Street: “A La Paree” by Verdin
  48. Widow Seen With Two Men: “Priere Tendre” by Mouton
  49. After Riley Kisses Widow: “Paris Life” by Mosay
  50. Riley! Mr. Riley!: Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  51. See You Tomorrow: “French Pastry” by Lakay
  52. Dancing Starts: “Doin’ the New Low Down” by McHugh
  53. Davy Is Seen Outside Of Café: “Mam’selle Caprice” by Baron
  54. Curtain Goes Up: “Pomanola” by Henderson
  55. Terrible! They’re Trippin’: “St. Louis Blues” by Handy
  56. Riley Seen In Bed: “The Morning After The Night Before” by Pollack
  57. Riley Sees Two Women: “Mariette” by Sterny
  58. Lena Seen Talking To Man In Street: “En Visite” by McDonald
  59. Flash-Back To Riley In Bed: “L’Amour” by Christine
  60. Lena Enters Riley’s Room: Repeat No.58 “En Visite”
  61. Policeman’s Brogans: “Hustle Bustle” by Delille
  62. Davy Enters Room: “Horse Radish” by Ring-Hager
  63. I’ve Got To Get Him Home: “Pal Of My Cradle Days” by Piantadosi
  64. Change of Scene To Cabby In Hallway: Repeat No.62 “Horse Radish”
  65. Riley Returns To His Room: Repeat No.63 “Pal of My Cradle Days”
  66. I’m Goin’ To Stay Right: “La Marse’llaise” by De L’Isle
  67. Taxi Seen On Road: “Taxi” by Kaufman
  68. Auf Widersehn!: “Auf Wiedersehn” by Romberg
  69. Lena, Darlint! What’s Your: Repeat Krausmeyer Theme No.3
  70. Stewards Seen On Boat: “Burlesque On ‘How Dry I Am’” by Kempinski
  71. Mary! I’ve Been Chasing: LOVE THEME “Pretty, Petite, and Sweet” by Archer (Last 8 bars)
  72. Officer Riley?: Repeat Riley Theme No.1
  73. Change of Scene Back To Davy and Mary: LOVE THEME “Pretty, Petite, and Sweet” by Archer
  74. Fade-In To Wedding Procession: “The Bells Are Ringing For Mary” by Colby (Chimes)
  75. Stop!: Repeat Krausmeyer Theme No.3
  76. Sixty Million Men: Repeat Riley Theme No.1

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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