The Wagon Show

Title: The Wagon Show

Author: Eugene Conte

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1928


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Eugene Conte

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  1. At Screening: “At the Race Course” by Puerner
  2. For A Week; “Incid. Symphony No.32” by Kempinski
  3. Interior of Wagon: “Gavotte from ‘Pagliacci’” by Leoncavallo
  4. Why Did You Not Sell Out: “Appassionato No.2” by Tyson
  5. Exterior: “Soiree” by Zamecnik
  6. Wheel of Wagon in Mud Hole: Repeat No.2 “Incid. Symphony No.32”
  7. Morning Found: “A Busy Throughfare” by Baron
  8. Vicarrino Receives Letter: “Cabal” by Kay
  9. Vicarrino Puts Letter in Pocket: “Happy Jacqueline” by Mondrone
  10. Fade-Out of Negro Scene: THEME “I’ll Think of You” by Lyman
  11. I’ll Betcha You’re In: “Allegro Buffonesco” by Kempinski
  12. Lovers Meet Behind Tent: Repeat THEME
  13. At Twin Peaks: “Hobomoko” by Reeves
  14. Meanwhile: “Prelude” by Mendoza
  15. You Might Call Yourself A Trouper: “Razzing Theme” by Rapee
  16. Fade Back To Boy and Beldan: Repeat No.9 “Happy Jacqueline”
  17. Two Men On Horses Ride Up; “The Mischief Makers” by Carbonara
  18. Comedian Runs From Men; Repeat No.11 “Allegro Buffonesco”
  19. Help! Help!: “Perpetuum Mobile” by Rapee

SEGUE: “Minor Hurry” by Berge

  1. Now Folks: “Jollity” by Zamecnik
  2. Vic, Why Aren’t You Dressed?: “Dramatic Prelude” by Schad
  3. Keep Your Hands Off: “Agitato No.4” by Axt
  4. Vicarrino Leaves Tent: “Monkey-Hop” by Rapee
  5. Gong Is Struck: “Round the Ring” by Allen
  6. That Young Teller: Repeat No.23 “Monkey-Hop”
  7. Sheriff Comes to Beldan: Repeat No.17 “The Mischief Makers”
  8. Fade Back To Tent: “The Ringmaster” by Whiting
  9. Horse Bows At End of Act: “Kowboy Komedy” by Aborn
  10. Vicarrino and Men: “Mysterious Tension” by Axt
  11. Lovers Seen Alone: Repeat THEME
  12. At The Forks: “Notte Misteriosa” by Becce
  13. At Brownsville: “Dramatic Andante” by Kempinski
  14. Boy Jumps On Horse: Repeat No.22 “Agitato No.4”
  15. While An Impatient: “Dashing Cowboy” by Aborn
  16. The Battle Cry Of: “Hurry No.1” by Zamecnik

SEGUE: “Agitato” by Riesenfeld

  1. Fade Back To Announcing: Repeat No.27 “The Ringmaster”
  2. You’re Too Sick To Ride: “Excitement and Hurry” by Hoffman
  3. People start Throwing Things: “The Posse” by Lucas
  4. Wagons Ride Into Tent: “Western Allegro” by Rapee-Axt
  5. Lovers Embrace: Repeat THEME

Source: Carl Braun Collection


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