Hero of the Circus

Title: Hero of the Circus

Author: M. Winkler

Publisher: Belwin Inc., 1926


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: M. Winkler

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THEME: “Queen of My Heart” by Baron

Substitute “Because You Say Good-Bye” by Levy or “Love’s Sweeet Hour” by Otvos


  1. At Screening: “Aces High” by Roberts
  2. August the Clown: “Farcical Allegro” by Aborn
  3. August I Am Leaving: “Recitative Pathetico” by Peele
  4. I’ll Keep George Busy: “Petite Duchesse” by Henry Baron
  5. Meanwhile in Africa: : “Agitated Misterioso” by Rapee
  6. Ignorant of Plot: “Cannibal Carnival” by Levy
  7. Sarah’s Plane had Worked: “Agitato Pathetique” by Borch
  8. She’s a Little Wild Girl: THEME
  9. Please go, Mr. George: “Dramatic Reproach” by Berge
  10. Sullivan was a Brutal Bully: “Smile of Columbine” by Drigo
  11. The Glamor of the Circus: “Misterioso Dramatique” by Borch
  12. You Big Bully: “Sinister Presto” by Bradford
  13. After the Fight: “Love Among Flowers” by Frommel
  14. In Less Than Three Weeks: “Misterisoso Dramatico” by Aborn
  15. Miss Sarah Wants to See You: THEME
  16. I Am Going to Cancel: “Dramatic Recitative No.3” by Aborn
  17. Maciste, See If You Can Stop Him: “Dramatic Conflict” by Levy
  18. At Sarah’s Apartment: THEME
  19. George, Think of your Father: “Aces High” by Roberts
  20. Have You Seen Mister George: “Dramatic Tension No.9” by Andino
  21. Creating A Thrill: THEME
  22. Please Close My Glove: Continue FF
  23. Before A Gala Audience: “Aces High” by Roberts
  24. And After the Performance: “Air de Ballet” by Varley
  25. George Reads Letter: “Dramatic Tension” by Borch
  26. Escaped Lioness Appears In Circus: “Half Reel Furioso”
  27. Forgive Me, Father: THEME

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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