The Long Chance

Title: The Long Chance

Author: Max Winkler

Publisher: 1922


Format: Cue sheet

Document type: Cue sheet

All authors/contributors: Max Winkler

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  1. At screening: Desert Monotony by Aborn
  2. Two days later: Allegro Infernale by Aborn
  3. Meanwhile at a railway: Fly Home to Your Nest by Breau
  4. Like a giant suddenly: Storm in the Desert by Davis
  5. Jim Coberly never returned: Because You Say Goodbye by Levy
  6. There by the lonely: Elegie by Baron
  7. It was not often that: THEME: Love’s Sweet Hour by Otvos
  8. Three men detain girl: Dramatic Agitato by Simon
  9. I’m glad I got here in: Andante Doloroso No. 70 by Borch
  10. Next morning (continue to action)
  11. The only thing that: THEME: Love’s Sweet Hour by Otvos
  12. As the weeks rolled by: Barcarolle Amoreuse by Casedesus
  13. The following afternoon: Musical Thought by Titlebaum
  14. Of course it was: Chant Erotique by Berge
  15. And then sweet hours: The World is a Beautiful Song by Breau & Vane
  16. Morgan Carey had not: Sinister Theme by Vely
  17. A month later in San Pasqual: Chant D’Amour by Frommel
  18. At 10 minutes to four: Allegro Infernale by Aborn
  19. I thought he did you: Agitato Pathetique by Borch
  20. I promised her mother: Chanson Melancolique by Collinge
  21. He who walks in love: THEME: Love’s Sweet Hour by Otvos


Source: Silent Film Collection, Claire Hamack materials, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado at Boulder

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