Fischer Professional Pianist’s Collection

Title: Fischer Professional Pianist’s Collection

Author: George Smith

Publisher: New York: Carl Fischer, 1913


Format: Sheet music

Document type: Musical score

All authors/contributors: George Smith

OCLC Number: 35826128

Contents: 1. The Star Spangled Banner
2. Yankee Doodle
3. Marching though Georgia
4. Dixie’s Land
5. My Old Kentucky Home
6. Auld Lang Syne
7. We Won’t Go Home Until Morning
8. Home Sweet Home
9. LA Marseillaise
10. Killarney
11. Garibaldi Hymn
12. America
13. Soldier’s Farewell by Kinkel
14. Long, long ago by Bayly
15. Abide with Me by Monk
16. Nearer my God to Thee by Mason
17. The Girl I Left Behind Me
18. Dixie
19. The Boy Scouts March and Two-Step, introducing Columbia the Gem of the Ocean, Dixie and the Star Spangled Banner by Heneberg
20. Before the Mast Nautical Medley March by Laurendeal
21. The Skaters Watlz by Waldteufeu
22. Folle Extase (Dream of Delight) Valse by Milok
23. Birds of Spring Mazurka by Williams
24. Electric-Galop by Wohanska
25. Circus Galop by Donnawell
26. Sextette from Lucia di Lammermoor by Donizetti
27. Miserere (Il Trovatore) by Verdi
28. Toreador Song (March from Carmen) by Bizet
29. Spring Song, Op. 62, No. 6 by Mendelssohn
30. Intermezzo sinfonico by Mascagni
31. The Palms by J. Faure
32. Dreaming (Traumerei) Op. 15, No. 7 by Schumann
33. March Religioso No. 1 by Chambers
34. Bridal Chorus from the Opera Lohengrin by Wagner
35. Wedding March by Mendelssohn
36. Menuet from Don Juan by Mozart
37. Stephanie Gavotte by Czibulka
38. Coronation March from Lo Prophoto (Meyerbeer) by arr. Reinhard
39. Funeral March by Chopin
40. Tyrolienne by Kiesewetter
41. Indian Dance by Kiesewetter
42. Indian War Dance by Smith
43. Indian Love Song by Smith
44. Dance of the Medicine Man by Smith
45. Coochi Coochi by Clark
46. Turkish Patrol by Michaelis
47. Japanese Air
48. Chinese Wedding Procession by Hosmer
49. The Jolly German by Aucher-Mald
50. Mazel Tof
51. Czardas
52. The Skirt Dance by Lutz
53. Spanish Dances, Op. 12 by Moszkowsji
54. Spanish Waltz by Smith
55. La Paloma by Yradier
56. College or Sailor’s Hornpipe
57. Turkey in the Straw
58. Fisher’s Hornpipe
59. Garry Owen Jig
60. Pop Goes the Weasel Virginia Reel
61. U.S. Army Signals for Trumpet
62. Fire Alarm
63. Battle Scene by Smith
64. Storm Music by Smith
65. Mysterious Music by Smith
66. Fantastic Dance by Smith
67. Gipsy Dance by Smith
68. Mysterious by Smith

Notes: for piano



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