Publicity Madness

Title: Publicity Madness

Author: Michael P. Krueger

Publisher: Thematic Music Cue Sheet, 1927


Format: Cue Sheet

Document type: Cue Sheet

All authors/contributors: Michael P. Krueger

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  1. At Screening: THEME “I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me” by McHugh
  2. Uncle Elmer: “Happy Moods” by Marquardt
  3. Exterior: “The Joker” by Srawley
  4. Uncle Elmer Comes Out of House: “Gaily Thro’Life” by Schad
  5. Come On, Stranger: “Joyful Hurry No.1” by Baron
  6. Don’t Waste Your Time: “Mirth and Merriment” by Delille
  7. Uncle Elmer Reads Newspaper: “Oh Mister” by Frey
  8. Uncle Elmer’s Offices: “Screening Preludes No.1” by Rapee-Axt
  9. The Banning Soap Co.: “Fluffy Ruffles” by Green
  10. Edmund Lowe Walks Into Private Office: “My Baby Knows How” by Davis
  11. Stenographer Leaves Private Office: “Garden Whispers” by Herkan
  12. Lowe Leaves Office: “An Argument” by Breil
  13. Lowe Enters Office Of The Saturday Night Soap Co.: “Sweet Lavender”
  14. The Efficiency Man: Repeat No.8 “Screening Preludes No.1”
  15. Man With Brief Case Enters Office: “April’s Lad” by Ancliffe
  16. Efficiency Expert Is Led Out of Office: “La Comedienne” by Hosmer
  17. Office Boy Announces That Miracle Man Has Arrived: Repeat No.8 “Screening Preludes No.1”
  18. Well, Boys, What: ”Listen To This” by Kaufman
  19. Pete Leaves Board of Director’s Room: “Babillage” by Castillo
  20. After Pete Gives Office Boy I.O.U.: “Alice” by Hauenschild
  21. Uncles Elmer Walks Into Pete King’s Office: “Hasty Moments” by Savino
  22. What Was Your Mother’s Name: “The Glad Girl” by Lampe
  23. And Now I’ve Got Another Idea: “Hilo” by Lake
  24. Pete Leaves Office: “Merry Pranks” by Rapee-Axt
  25. Change of Scene to Barber’s Shop: “Dotty Dimples” by Green
  26. Girl Gets Off Barber’s Chair: “When I Look At You” by Friend
  27. Pete King and Violet In Office: “Moon Glow” by Barth
  28. Listen, Big Boy: “Intermezzo” by Arensky
  29. Now I Know Why The Business: “Melodious Agitato” by Lakay
  30. I’m Crazy About You: Repeat Theme No.1
  31. Bill Collector Enters: Repeat No.3 “The Joker”
  32. Collector Takes Hat Off Uncle Elmer’s Head: “Comic Hurry” by O’Hare
  33. Pete King In Office: “A Funny Story” by Kay
  34. A Week Later: Repeat No.25 “Dotty Dimples”
  35. Change of Scene to Banning Soap Company’s Office: “A Critical Moment” by Becce
  36. Violet Seen Walking In Street: “Excitement and Hurry” by Hoffman
  37. I Would Not Have My Girl’s Picture: “Emotional Agitato” by Savino
  38. Change of Scene To Banning Office: “Symphonic Incidentals No.1” by Marquardt
  39. I’ve Got A Great Idea: “Joyous Allegro” by Borch
  40. Pete’s Hawaiian Idea: Repeat No.8 “Screening Preludes No.1”
  41. Change of Scene to Street: “Lucky Lindy” by Baer
  42. Change of Scene Back To Board Meeting: Repeat No.8 “Screening Preludes No.1”
  43. What’s The Matter, Peter?: Repeat Theme No.1
  44. Newspaper Seen: “Eagles of America” by Godfrey
  45. Airplane Starts: “The Joy-Riders” by Patou
  46. You Have Ruined My Father: “Panicy Agitato” by Berge
  47. Banning Airplane Starts: “Flying Hurry” by Carbonara
  48. Maybe We Should Have Kept Him: “Scherzando Hurry” by Frey
  49. After A Dizzy Night: “Hello, Aloha! How Are You?” by Baer
  50. Everybody’s Downtown: “Farewell to Thee” by Lake
  51. After Pete Reads Telegram: Repeat Theme No.1

Source: Carl Braun Collection

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